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Hi you have reached the ITU Records pseudo-homepage. We do not yet have a fully functional web site up yet, but should get there soon.

A bit about us...

Thanks to the financial support of Gerry's (ITU's founder) college friends, Jimmy and Pete, Interplanteary Trucker's Union has proven that minimal money, true love for new music, and an office out of Gerry's bedroom can be the driving force behind a label in an indie world flooded with a lot of bullshit. Our goal is to introduce bands we feel you should hear in 1997 and for years to come. The success at our level is solely attributed to true indie-music fans helping out in the name of music, not money; so look for the Union label, and thanks for the support.

Some ITU news...

In stores now...
Flu Thirteen
Spin Cycle CD/ep
ITU01613 $9 ppd.

Jan. '97

The Disruption 7"
ITU22201 $3 ppd.

Flu Thirteen
Edgar's Airwaves 7" 7"
ITU00613 $3 ppd.

Feb. '97

Nipper! CD/LP
ITU66601 $10 ppd.

Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes CD/LP
ITU22202 $10 ppd.

Mar. '97

Splendor Bin
Pinball 7"

We like to hear from you. We book national tours for our bands, and bands we like lending a hand to. If you book shows in a space, basement, local dive, backyard, college Dormitory, or church/youth center, let us know. We have access to larger indie headliners, as well as up and comers that you are sure to enjoy.

The $10 cover, 21+ club makes us quite unhappy, although in some cities, that is all there is. Help make it a thing of the past.

Write to us, tell us what you think about our bands, the state of the union, indie rock, scooby doo, anything. You can reach us by e-mail or write to:

PO BOX 648
NEW YORK, NY 10011

-or call-
1(800) 219-1114
FAX: (516)799-7982