David J. Fernández-Bretón
Post-doc Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan
4060 East Hall (530 Church St.), Ann Arbor MI 48109-1043, U.S.A.
(1) - (734) 936-9971

I am a postdoc at the Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan. My postdoctoral mentor is Andreas Blass. My main interests are Mathematical Logic and Set Theory, especially Forcing and Large Cardinals (although my knowledge of the latter is not as deep as I would like), and their applications to Algebra and Analysis; as well as the Cardinal Invariants of the Continuum. A considerable chunk of my research work has been centred on the interaction between Hindman's theorem and infinitary combinatorics, where I have proved theorems that, from several different perspectives, confirm the initial intuition that Hindman's theorem is "stronger" than (the infinitary version of) Ramsey's theorem. In a much more informal fashion (pretty much as a hobby), I also like to look at alternative axiomatizations of set theory, such as NFU, and some (very basic) Category Theory. I am interested in the Philosophy of Mathematics and in Ludwig Wittgenstein's life and work as well.

My PhD is from York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where my supervisor was Juris Steprāns. According to my genealogy, this means that I am a little brother of Vera Fischer and Michael Hrušák. My coauthors include Martino Lupini, Michael Hrušák and Assaf Rinot (my Erdős number is 3).