Daniel Feldman

Daniel Feldman

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Office: 3493 Randall
Email: djfeld@umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-2210
MCTP Center for Theoretical Physics


Dr. Feldman is a physicist with a research emphasis on particle astrophysics
and high energy particle physics. Recent data driven topics of research include
probing new particle interactions with the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
and testing dark matter predictions with a variety of experiments such as NASA
satellite experiments. Major components of his work involve analytical analysis,
writing and editing research publications, and communicating scientific principles
and results in public lectures to a wide array of audiences.

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Some Recent Talks

Baryon Lepton 2011, Talk Linked
SUSY 2011, (large file, but worth the bandwidth) Talk Linked
Brookhaven Forum 2010, Talk Linked

Selected Review Articles/Books

Perspectives on Supersymmetry II
D. Feldman and Gordon Kane
Dark matter, wino-like LSP and the LHC
(Book Published by World Sci. April 2010)

The Hunt for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
Pran Nath, Brent D. Nelson, D. Feldman + 80 more authors (linked above) [arXiv: 1001.2693]
(Book Published by Elsevier March 2010)

Superparticle Signatures: from PAMELA to the LHC
D. Feldman, with Zuowei Liu, Brent D. Nelson, and Pran Nath
Comment: BSM-LHC 09/ SUSY 09 - SUGRA, PAMELA and LHC [arXiv:0908.3727]
and Breit-Wigner Enhancement of Dark matter [arXiv:0810.5762], FLN.

The Stueckelberg extension and milli weak and milli charged dark matter
D. Feldman, Zuowei Liu, and Pran Nath
Comment: ICHEP 07 [arXiv:0705.2924]
- Review of the Generalized Stueckelberg Mass and Kinetic Mixings

Hidden Sector

Origins of Hidden Sector Dark Matter:
PDF Section from 1001.2693
Visible Signatures of the Hidden Sector

Proposal: Dark Force, Dark Matter, Dark Charge:
Feldman, Kors and Nath, 2006
Figure and Paper

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