Example sentence


accommodate (v)

Each apartment can accommodate up to six people. p.5  Oxford Word Power

يتّسع لِ

amazing (adj)

It's amazing! When we went round that bend, the back tilted over 45 degrees. p.120

عجيب . مدهش

cruise (v)

We crossed the United states on Highway 66, cruising at 70 miles per hour. p.189    Oxford Word Power

(السيارة مثلاً) تسير بسرعة ثابتة

daylight (n)

Is there a lot of daylight where you work? Yes, thereís plenty. p.67

ضوء النهار

erosion (n)

The vertical marks were caused by water erosion. p.64

بحت . تعرية . زوال تدريجن

extremely (adv)

Sphinx probably weighs over 200 tonnes. That's extremely heavy. p.64

جداً . للغاية

face (n)

Its body is more than 74 m long and its face is 6 m wide. p.64


fire extinguisher (n)

Are there enough fire extinguishers where you work? p.67

مطفاء الحريق

fresh air (n)

Is there a lot of fresh air where you work?  No there isnít.

(الهواء) تقي . منعش

hollow (adj)

Bottles and other  hollow.containers also have a rim at their edge. p.87


horizontal (adj)

But the pyramids have horizontal marks on their surface caused by wind erosion, and there are some vertical marks on the surface of the Sphinx. p.64


mark (stain) (n)

The Sphinx has vertical marks on its surface. p.54

بقعة . أثر

moon (n)

You can see it from the moon. p.65


mouth (of river) (n)

The mouth of a river is where it opens into the ocean. p.104

مصَب النهر

ocean liner (n)

An ocean liner is a large ship that carries people,  etc. long distances. p.456 Oxford Word Power


reach (v)

An architect negotiates with builders, i.e., he bargains, reaches agreement by discussion. p.5 How long does it take for light rays from the sun to reach the earth?

يصل الى

skyscraper (n)

There are a lot of tall skyscrapers in Manhattan. p.65

ناتحة سحاب

solid (adj)

Where is the Great Sphinx and how old is it? Is it hollow or solid? p.64The solid form of water is ice. p.100 + 107

صلب . جامد

spa (n)

A spa is a place where mineral water comes out of the ground and where people go to drink this water because it is considered to be healthy. p741 Oxford Word Power

ينبوع مياء مدنية

storey (n)

The Empire State Building in Manhattan is 102 storeys high. The height of the building from the ground to its tip is usually given as 1,250 feet. The measurement from the ground to the 102nd floor observatory is 1,224 feet and from the ground to the 86th floor observatory is 1,050 feet.  (About.com)

طابق . دور

suite (n)

A suite is a set of rooms in a hotel. p.775 Oxford Word Power


sun (n)

If you leave a bowl of water in the hot sun. the water  evaporates. p.100


take part (v)  participate in (v)

Do you ever take part in teleconferences? p.66

يشترك . يشارك

theatre (n)

Iím going to the theatre this evening, e.g. to see a Shakespeare play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. p.799 Oxford Word Power


vertical (adj)

The Sphinx has vertical marks on its surface.p.6 4The wheel rests on a vertical wooden support attached to a horizontal platform. p.79


water-ski (n)

The verb to water-ski means to move across the surface of water standing on narrow boards (waterskis) and being pulled by a boat.p.859 Oxford Word Power

يتزحلق على الماء

whistle (n)

The referee blew his whistle to stop the game. p.869







Useful phrases



Tell me about it.

Title of Unit 14

احكيلي عنه

Thatís not enough.

Only three or four cranes in the world are large enough to lift 200 tonnes today, so some people think the Sphinx was built by aliens. p.64Think of some problems that slow things down in your workplace, for example, late deliveries, not enough production capacity, unreliable machinery, management changing its mind. p.71

هذا ليسى مقدار او عدد كافٍ

Thatís too much.

I receive too much spam. p.26 Have you tried spam blocking software?  Have you tried sending it back to the sender?  Have you tried reporting the problem to IT?

هذا أكثر من اللازم . أكثر من المعقول