Word  Unit 19

Example sentence


alarm (n)

An alarm can be a machine that warns you of a danger, for example, “a fire alarm.” p.19 Oxford Word Power

جرس الإنذار

back-up (n)

And did you do a back-up? p.126 Do a back-up. p.88

نسخة من برنامج كمبيوتر يتفظ به للاسعمال

checklist (n)

Oh good.  Did you use the checklist? p.126

قائمة الضبط

delete (v)

I did some work on it this morning and I deleted a lot of old files. p.126


download (v)

Yes, I did.  I downloaded a new service pack too. p.126


dustbins (n)

The dustbins need emptying. p.89

صفيحة زبالة

empty (v)

Empty the Recycle bin. p.88


error (n)

Check the hard drive for errors. p.88

خطأ ج  أخطاء

files (n pl)

Delete old files, like .tmp and zip files. p.88


flowers (n pl)

She grows a lot of flowers but no vegetables. p.302 Oxford Word Power

زهرة ج زهور

fuel (n)

How much fuel does a jumbo jet use at take-off? p.87


gate (n)

The gate needs fixing. p.89

باب سياج او باب سور

life (n)

Think of different things that need doing in your life now. p.88


mail box (n)

The mail box needs straightening. p.89

صندوق بريد

maintenance (n)

What regular maintenance does your computer need? p.88


monthly (adv)

The monthly bills need paying. p.88


offer (v)

Look at these offers of help. Match each one to the correct picture. p.90

تقديمة جتقادم هو تقديمات

recycle (v)

Empty the recycle bin. p.88

أعاد الطتوير

recycle bin (n)

Empty the recycle bin. p.88

سلة اعادة الطتوير

regular (adj)

What regular maintenance jobs do you do?p.88


repair (v)

Does the strap need replacing? Can you repair it instead? p.89


repairs (n)

Maintenance and Repairs. p.89 The swimming pool is closed for repairs. p.649 Oxford Word Power

صلاح . تصليح ج تصليحات

run (computer programme) (v)

Run 'Defrag' and 'Disk Cleanup ' p.88

رقض . يشغّل برنامج

service packs (n pl)

Download any new service packs. p.88

مجموعة للصيانة (ضد سُم مَرَضي)

shed (n)

The shed needs painting. p.89  A shed is a small building that is used for keeping things or animals. p.707 Oxford Word Power


start (car) (v)

A My car won't startB Do you want me to give it a push?  A Yes, please.  B No problem. p.90

ابى ان يتحرك

take a look (v)

Do you want someone to  take a look?  Yes, please.  How soon can they come? p.91

يطالعه . يفحص "شيك –أكد"

tap (n)

The tap needs fixing.  The washer in the tap needs replacing. p89


Useful phrases



Can you do me a favour?


عمل معروفاً لفولان

How soon…?


بعد كم من الوقت؟

Nothing at all.


لا شيء قطيعاً

Sorry to trouble you.


متأسف اذا ازعجتك

That’s strange!


هذا غريب!

What’s the matter with it?


ما الامر؟