Example sentence


any (det)

 Do you have any butter?


better (adj)

 Clamps are better.


bolt (n)

 There some bolts over there.


bracket (n)

 These are brackets…..(  )


button (n)

 Press this button to make it work.


cement (n)

 Cement is used as a building material.


chain (n)

 Please place the prisoner in chains.


cheese (n)

 I have a cheese sandwich.


chewing gum (n)

 Do you have chewing gum?


close (v)

 Close your book.


fasten (v)

 Fasten your shoes.


fix (v)

 I am fixing the pipe.


gasoline (n)

 We use gasoline in the cars.


glue (n)

 Do you have any glue?


hinge (n)

 Everything hinges on his opinion.


hold (v)

 He holds a meeting every week.


hose (n)

 The hose is leaking.


leak (v)

 The water is leaking from the hose.


leak (n)

 Make a list of your needs


list (n)



look for (v)

I am looking for my book.

 يبحث عن

nail (n)

 I want some nails.


padlock (n)

 I fasten with a padlock.


paint (n) paste (n)

 I need some paint, also some paste.

 طلاء – لصق

petrol (n)

 British call gasoline "petrol".


pieces (n)

 I want some pieces of cake.


pin (n)

 Do you want a pin?


pipe (n)

 The water is leaking from the pipe.


pockets (n)

 This bag has 4 pockets.


rack (n)

 Is there a rack?


repair (n)

 Must repair the leak.


roller (n)

 I want roller of rope.


sand (n)

 I like the sands of the beach.


solder (n)



some (det)

 Can you give me some scissors, please.


staple (n)

 These are stable materials.


string (n)



tape (n)

 She is fixing the pipe with tape.

 شريط –

 شريط لاصق

task (n)

 This is your task.


together (adj/adv)

 We work together.


try (v)

  You must try to succeed.


zip (n)

 He zipped up the zip on his jacket.





Useful phrases


عبارات مركبة                             

Help yourself.

 Help yourself , look for it there.


 ساعد نفسك

Keep looking.

 got it ?  No , I have to keep looking.

 واصل البحث

Put that back.

 Can I take this ? No , put that back.

 أرجعه هذا

What’s going on?

 What’s going on?  Nothing, I’m just fixing this pipe.

 ما الذي يحدث؟

Why don’t you …?

 I have a headache.  Why don't you take panadol?

 لم لا....؟!