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Example sentence




adaptable (adj)





p.10 Oxford  Word Power You have to be adaptable if you want to live in a foreign country.

TT 6 Lifestyle I’ve lived in several countries so I’m very adaptable to new ways of life.



مَرِن .

قابل للتكيّف

best before date (col.)





p.43 best before date is the date printed on a food package advising you the product wiII not be of such good quality after this date.



تاريخ قبل انهاء الجودة

combination of (col.)





p.43 Enough power for domestic use will be generated by wind or solar energy, or a combination of both.





compact (adj)




compact disk  or CD (n) طبق من البلاستيك الصلب حاوٍ على تسجيلات عديدة مَلزوزة

p.42 It contains two compact double beds, a shower/toilet, and a kitchen with a sink, microwave, fridge, freezer, and hob.


pressed together, small



condensation (n)





p.40  Homes will produce their own water supply through condensation.



تَكْثيف . تكاثُف (قطرات الماء مثلاً)

convertible (adj)





p.42 There will be convertible furniture, such as sofa beds, which can be folded up when not needed.

TT 6 Lifestyle There isn’t space for a bed and a sofa in that room, so we bought a convertible sofa.




قابل لان يتحول او يتبَدَّل (الى)

earth (v)












earth (n)الأرض p.42 The structure must be strong enough to bear the weight of earth.

the planet earth TTelem 10 Education I remember when I first read the theory about how life on earth began. I was intrigued.

Earthquake (n)زَلْزَلة TTelem 6 Lifestyle Scientists still cannot predict exactly when earthquakes will happen.

p. 41 All appliances have to be earthed.  It’s necessary to earth all appliances.











to ground (v)




expectancy (n)




to expectتَوَقَّعَ . استوقَعَ (v) TT 1 Business and Commerce The minister has been fully briefed on what questions to expect.


p.40/p.126 Peter says that Earth Homes have long “life expectancy”: he says, “They’re durable, too. They’re less exposed to the elements and can last for hundreds of years.”

expectation, anticipation



insulate (v)





p.41  The house is very well insulated, so you don’t have to provide much heating.




معزول insulated

intended for (col.)





To intend (v) TT 1 Business and Commerce We’d like some clarification of exactly what your company intends to do.


p.42 Who do you think the microcompact home is intended for?




مقصود لِ

intervals (n)







p.44  The back wall is altogether just over 1m thick and is supported at 4m intervals by the structural counterforts which separate one room from the next.

TT 7 Sport and Leisure There was a long interval in the middle of the show.



فترة ج فترات

joints (n)


















p.44 The insulation comprises 100 mm slabs of expanded polyurethane(4) and these are fixed to the concrete wall with adhesive, all the cracks and joints being filled with aerosol PU foam.












a place where something joins/where two things join


مَعْقِد ج مَعاقِد . مَوْصِل .

اتصال شييْن  


Word Family


Example sentence




monitor (v)











monitor (n) p.42 Wall-mounted flat screens will replace TVs. These will also act as computers and (CTV monitors for security cameras.

) TTelem 6 Science and Technology You shouldn’t stick items to your computer monitor. It may get scratched.


TT 2 Science and Technology The software invisibly monitors all computer activities.


















يرصد . يراقب

obligation (n)








p.41  We use have to to describe things which are obligations required by rules and regulations or things which someone forces us to do.



فَرْض . اَضطرار

مفروض ج مفروضات

opaque (adj)





p.42 Some partitions will be made of glass which becomes opaque when a current is passed through it.





غير شفاف . لا ينفذ منه الضوء

permitted (adj)





p.41 You mustn't build an earth house without planning permission. = It's not permitted.

TTelem The government is to impose tighter restrictions on the number of immigrants permitted to settle in this country.




prediction (n)







p.43  The texts give the reasons for some of the predictions about future homes, but not for all. In your notebooks, list the reasons for these predictions where they are given.

TTelem 6 Lifestyle The exam results confirmed my predictions.



تَنَبُّوء ج تنبُّؤات

proper (v)





p.41 You have to lay proper foundations. That’s necessary.

TTelem 8 Family and Home She’s a traditionalist who insists on having a proper Victorian-style Christmas.




مناسب . صحيح

replace (v)





p.42 Wall-mounted flat screens will replace TVs.



يستبدل . يحل محله

resist (v)






p.41 The walls must resist the pressure of earth round the building.





يقاوم . يحمل

steep (adj)










p.40 One of the advantages of earth homes is NOT that construction is possible on steep slopes.  In fact construction may be difficult on extremely steep slopes.








شديد الإنحِدار


strict (adj)






p.41 There are strict rules about where you can build. You mustn’t build without planning permission.

TTelem 1 Business and Commerce Our old manager was very strict, but the new regime is much better.strict(adj)صارِم

تدقيق   accuracy (n)



weak, not precise

صارِم  . شديد التدْقيق . مُدَقِّق

structural (adj)





p.44  Inside that is the main structural wall (3) made from 660 mm dense concrete block.

TTelem 10 Education The text had structural problems which made it diffi cult to understand the plot.



بنائي . تركيبي

surrounding (adj)







p.41 You have to make sure no water gets into the house from the surrounding soil.

TTelem 3 Crime and Society Police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the boy’s death.



مُحيط ج محيطات


Word Family


Example sentence




temporary (adj)



temporarily (adv) TT 1 Business and Commerce We’ll have to take the diversion temporarily while they’re working on the main road.




TT 1 Business and Commerce I’ve taken on a temporary job over the holidays.




مُوَقَّت .(او مؤقت) مَوقوت

variable (adj)





TTelem 6 Lifestyle Although the company’s fortunes have been variable over the past year, the outlook is stable.




wasteful (adj)



Waste-paper basket (n) سَلة المُهْملات


p.43 As water becomes scarce, ultrasound cleaners may replace washing machines and dishwashers as a more efficient and less  wasteful way of cleaning.



مسرف . تبذيري . مُبَذِّر