Word Family


Example sentence




appliance (n)





p.33 Oxford Word Power “A piece of equipment for a particular use in the house”-electrical appliance




appropriate (adj)





p.32 Technology students should invent and make appropriate technology devices.



ملائم مناسب

belt (n)





p.65 Oxford Word Power “I need a belt to keep these trousers up.” “fan-belt of a car.”



حزام . سيرمتحرك

blade (n)



p.72 Oxford WP a blade of grass, wheat, etc. (ورقة)


p.28 blades. There are blades on the mechanism that looks like a windmill in ‘Switch On’ on p. 28




chamber (n)





p.30 There is a combustion chamber in the picture of the two-stroke engine on p. 30.




charge (v)





p.28 The electric shoe charges batteries as you walk.



شحن  (v)

combustion (n)





p.28 In the combustion stroke of a two-stroke engine, the spark plug fires  and ignites the air in the combustion chamber which pushes the piston to make the compression stroke filling the combustion chamber again to be ignited again.




component (n)





p.28 Read the rest of the text and match parts a-e to the numbered components on the diagram.



جزء  عنصر مركب

crankshaft (n)





p.125 This rotary movement is converted into an up—and-down movement by the crankshaft.



محور ذراع التدوير


cylinder (n)





p.30 The pressurized fuel in the crankcase rushes into  the cylinder.




displace (v)





p.31 This displaces the air to the hot end.



غير المكان

domestic (adj)





p.33 A domestic appliance is an appliance that is used in the home (in Latin: domus=house)





Word Family


Example sentence




explanation (n)





p.28 Now listen to the explanation by an

Agricultural Engineer, and check your answers




external (adj)







p.31 The external air pressure is not the most important factor to the functioning of the machine. The temp and the ends of the displacer cylinder is(d).




flywheel (n)





p.31 This movement rotates the flywheel, drawing the displacer piston to the cold end of the cylinder.





دولاب ثقيل متصل بالالة لتعديل السرعة

gears (n)





p.29 Instead, it consists of a spring, gears, and a small generator.



اجهزة متناسقة الحركة في الة

generator (n)





p.29 Each time the first gear turns, the generator turns one thousand times.





مولد كهربائي

handle (n)





p.29 As you turn the handle on the side of the radio, you wind up a spring.



مقبد يد

ignite (v)





p.30 When the spark plug fires, the fuel ignites.




invent (v)





p.30 Baylis invented the clockwork radio in 1991. / He invented the electric shoe.




mains power (n)

main (n)




p.29 So he invented a radio which

doesn't need mains power or batteries.




main (n)احد انابيب توصيل الماء او الكهرباء او الغلز للمباني


oscillating (adj)



Oscillating current


P.32 The movement in figure D, which moves from side to side is an oscillating movement.  i.e. it oscillates.






piston (n)





p.30 The piston moves up and down.




pressure (n)







p.31 The air cools and pressure drops in the power cylinder.