How to set up a network between two computers


  1. Connect the two computers with a crossover cable or "nul modem" cable.  You cannot use the kind of cable that connects your computer to something other than a computer.
  2. Go to Control Panel and open the Network Set-Up Wizard
  3. In the "Welcome to Network Set-up Wizard" click "Next>"
  4. Click next again (it is nice to have one computer connected to the internet, but you don’t have to)
  5. Put a check in the box that says "ignore disconnected hardware"

  1. Click “Next>” and click the radio button for "Other" as in the screen shot below:

7. Click "Next>" and click on "This computer belongs to a network that does not have an internet connection," as shown in the box below:

8Click "Next>" through the next boxes of the Internet set-up wizard and the wizard will automatically configure your computer to connect to the other computer.