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Graduate AP in French, Greek & English, The Hill School
BA Oriental Studies, Princeton University
MUP University of Michigan
CELTA International House, ILC Paris

I was born in Belgium and went to Nursery School there when I was 4; so I speak French because my mother helped me not forget it when we came back to the United States. I learned Arabic when my father got a job in Damascus, Syria in 1957 and ever since then I have been interested in the archaology of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. I've been an archaeologist and English Teacher in the Middle East and France. I am currently teaching Speaking 3, English of Computers, and some Diploma courses at Jeddah Teachers College.

Interests, Activities, & Plans
Member, American Translators Association 2003

Historian of Cities: I am currently working on a translation of Maqrizi's Khitat.

In the future, I hope to continue teaching in Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, where I can be close to the old medieval cities like Jeddah,Cairo, Damascus, and Aleppo and study their influence on the Medieval Civilization of Southern France, through the transmission by the Arabs of Philosophy and Mathematics to Europe(Avicenna's Al-Shifa, and Kanoon).

Other Interesting Things
I recently worked on an exhibition of photographs of old Jeddah for a Muslim Cultural Center in Cannes, France. Unfortunately, the Cultural center closed down before I could exhibit my photographs.

Of course, link to my home page and the English Via Computer Home Page for the English487 class at Jeddah Teacher's College
novhkimTHE NOVELS OF TAWFIQ AL-HAKIM Denis Hoppe, 1969 Senior Thesis submitted in April, 1969 for the BA degree at Princeton University in the Oriental Studies Department.
introduction by McCarusMichigan, University of Michigan, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies, Contemporary Arabic Readers vol. 4 Short Stories Part 1 Texts Bellamy--Professor James Bellamy was my teacher when I was an NDFL Title 4 scholar at University of Michigan in 1972.

Of course, link to personal pronouns and arabic grammar notes for a student question today

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