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Michigan Canoe Racing Association Official Ballot

Election of 2019 Board of Directors

In accordance with the MCRA By Laws Article III Section B “ The number of Directors shall be eleven.  The past President shall be appointed for 1 term following his/her presidency.

Article IV Section A Selection: The officers shall be elected annually by an official ballot mailed to each member who has paid dues by August 1 of that year.  The ballot will then be filed  to a designated person before a designated deadline.”
Please check 10 names to be elected to the 2019 MCRA Board of Directors.  The eleventh spot is current president, Lynne Witte as stated in above By Law.

Only one vote per MCRA member please.

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Rebecca Davis

Sean Brabant

Kyle Stonehouse

Mike Davis

Tom Cannon

Chris Hewitt

Cheryl Lucey

Pete Mead

Dwight Walker

Weston Willoughby

Lynne Witte


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