Spanish 276

This painting is called "Tetuan" by Salvador Dalí.

Spanish 276 introduces students to reading fictional texts in Spanish. Daily discussions also improve students' conversational and analytical skills. Students will write frequent argumentative essays about the readings and in-class presentations are also assigned. Classes are conducted exclusively in Spanish. An important component of this course is an interactive computer application based on a movie version of the story Instrucciones para John Howell, by Argentine author Julio Cortázar. Students complete four homework assignments with the software, during which they learn about text construction and practice interpretive skills. The final grade for this course is based on essays, two partial exams plus a final and on participation in class. This course is excluded from distribution credit.

This first link is to a page containing a number of sites which may be of interest to students of Spanish and Hispanic culture.

  • Hispanic Cultural Sites
  • The next two links will allow you to check on the office hours of the 276 instructors, as well as to look at basic information about the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.

  • Office hours

  • Department of Romance Languages

  • The links below allow students to view and/or download some of the handouts about the readings we will do this semester. Not all handouts will be available here.

  • John Howell questions