Dawn's Families

This site is devoted to sharing genealogical data for the following family lines.  (Surnames in blue are direct line ancestors.)

  Bare Family
-- including Anderson, Billings, Durbin, Fisher, Folger, Foreman, Gardner, Jonas, Kimbal, Leedy, Michael, Owen, Ricks, Robins, Simpson, Strep, Stroud, Thrift, Ware, Wintrode.  Our Bares were Pennsylvania Dutch (actually, probably Swiss) who moved to Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
Bonney Family
-- and such surnames as Andrews, Basset, Bray, Burgess, Chipman, Cummings, Foster, Freeman, Groves, Hackett, Herrick, Laskin, Leach, Lombard, Milliken, Nye,Procter, Safford, Stuart, and Woodbury.  Centered around Maine and Massachusetts.
Eurich Family 
-- married into the families of Bolger, Dahmer(pronounced Daymer), Gorde, Markgraf, Mehl, Neuwirth, Yurk, Zeitler.   The Eurichs/Eirichs were Russian Volga Valley Germans living in the village of Reinwald in 1900, not long before they left to find a new homeland once again.
Hoffine Family 
-- also Bach, Bartel/Bortel, Bird, Benzing, Dewis, Feeman, Finck, Grone/Krone, Gochenour/Kochenour, Habicht, Lehr, May, Menges, Opperman, Showalter, Steincipher, Stineburg, Yauch/Jauch.  Wurttemburg and Prussia to Pennsylvania, Ontario, New York, Ohio, and Michigan.
Runion Family 
-- including Adams, Atwood, Clinger, McPherson, Powers, Sargent, Smith, Whittiker, Yeager.   Of Vermont, Ontario, New York, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa.
Spindler Family
--  including the surnames Aab, Diener, Herman, Merz/Mertz, Ruppel, Schaeffer, Walker, Weitz.  Volga Valley Germans from the village of Reinhardt.

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          If you have questions, or something to add to the puzzle, or especially if you have data disputing any of it, please let me know by sending Dawn a note.  The stuff about my great-grandparents and beyond is based on mainly secondary data, some of it pretty thin, and ALL of it is a work in progress -- that's the reason for this site in the first place!

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