Hello! Welcome to my new homepage. The format may have changed, but not to worry, Pengy the amazing Penguin is still here to greet visitors. Hopefully this webpage will grow, but no guarantees... time to update this page is an expensive luxury I seldom indulge in. At this point, the only link that is operational is "About Me..."

Note posted sometime in 2000... Well, it has now been a while since I even thought about updating this page, but recently some people told me that they visited my page... oops... so I just wanted to say that I have grown as a designer since I made this page, and compared to some of my more recent web pages, this has become a total embarassment as far as design is concerned. Except for Pengy of course, he's still cool. Someday, maybe I'll fix it (you can all vote on whether David will ever fix this site before he graduates - right now it's a tossup, still several years to go before graduation, but thesis work is fast becoming the essence of my life... bam!). However, feel free to see some of my more recent work at the Alexander Borodin Society and the Life Sciences Orchestra of the University of Michigan, which are sites that I did in my copious amounts of spare time and are a lot nicer than this. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Oh, and I know that supposedly there's this famous rock star David Wu that a lot of people search for and they mistakenly land on my site. Well, sorry for the inconvenience. I'm obviously not the rock star and hold classical music as a higher art form than rock, but, er, rock on dude, for everyone's benefit I guess.