"I asked my kids what they thought about people having more than one lover,
and about the grown-ups in their lives.  Here's what the kids had to say:

(girl, age 8):  "I think it is all right if you have more than one love 
(as long as they love you too).  It's fine with me."

(girl, age 7):  "Some of it's hard to understand.  Not hard for ME to 
understand.  It's a good way to live because you have lots of grown-ups 
to take care of you."

(girl, age 4):  (To someone who says it's not okay to have two loves, I'd 
say)  "It's okay.  That's all."

"To all those who say that this type of lifestyle is a detriment to 
children, they should talk to these kids!  It's about time we stop 
'protecting' children and give them a little truth, not just about 
sexuality, but all of its wondrous forms and textures, in a way that they 
can understand... and you'll be surprised how much they can understand!"


"I have several friends who have children and are polyamorous.  Let me 
share an eye opening situation which may make you think.

My friend remarked that her daughters (4 and 5, I think) are often 
confused by TV and movies when they portray situations involving sexual 
jealousy or marital troubles caused by affairs.  Since their social life 
is permeated with polyfamilies and they have positive examples of 
polyamory all around them, they cannot grasp the concepts of 'jealousy' 
and hurt caused by 'adulterous infidelity'.  My friend has tried to 
explain why a marriage partner would be hurt when their partner falls in 
love with someone else, but has been unable to do so.  Her eldest 
daughter wants to know if the 1st partner loves the 2nd partner why they
aren't happy the s/he has the love of the 3rd partner as well...why 
everyone doesn't just love everyone else.  The best her Mom can do is to 
explain that not everyone feels the way that we do.

The hardest part about being poly and having children is explaining to them  
why society thinks differently than we do.  Which says to me that it is more 
natural and logical for them to understand polyamory than to understand 
that society mandates monogamy as a lifestyle.  So, once again, the only 
thing 'unhealthy' about raising children in a polyamorous lifestyle is 
the confusion caused by societal attitudes."