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This page serves (or will serve...) as a repository for some of the presentations I've given. This includes my defense slides, conference presentations, seminars, and others.

Oral Dissertation Defense

Why not start with the most important one? The main thing you will see here is that I really took some time to make pretty graphics. At least, that's my opinion. Also I talked about ram-to-scram transition and unstart, where they occur on the flight corridor map, and what causes them. That was new results that hadn't been presented anywhere before, and I presented lots of other results, but really it's all in the graphics. Unfortunately, without me saying the words to go along with the slides, it might not make the most sense ever.

Outline of MAX-1 vehicle (img/svg)
Outline of the MAX-1 vehicle used in the Dissertation research

MATLAB Coding tutorial for AERO 325 (Aerodynamics)

This is a tutorial I made for AERO 325 at the University of Michigan in Fall 2012, when I was the Graduate Student Instructor. You can use the template files here if you'd like to follow along with the tutorial!

Flowchart for source panel code (img/svg)
Flowchart used to describe the "source panel" code made during the tutorial (for aerodynamic surfaces).

MATLAB Coding tutorial for AERO 483 (Spacecraft Design)

I gave another tutorial on MATLAB with a lot of general tips and tricks. Since this was a senior-level class, it was given more in terms of "things you don't know you're doing wrong" than a true tutorial. All the files associates with the tutorial can be found here.

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