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Codes maintained by Derek Dalle

This is a site used to host several of my favorite—or at least most useful—programs. While I would redirect interested users to my Bitbucket site for more details, these pages serve as a useful front page and a place to host files for users that are not interested in making changes to the code.

Below is a short description of each code that is on this site. Click on the header for any code to be taken to a more detailed description or a place to download the programs.


High-quality MATLAB graphics tool

MATLAB has well-known and popular tools to create graphics, but the default appearance of the graphics has a few inadequacies. Fortunately, many of these problems can be overcome, but it requires using quite a few arcane commands. Alternatively, set_plot can do all of the formatting using a much-simplified syntax. In addition to turning standard graphics into journal-quality graphics in a single command, set_plot also provides some tools for changing the formatting of various aspects of a figure. It also includes html2rgb, which converts the colors listed at to a RGB format that MATLAB recognizes.


LaTeX template for AIAA papers

Creating papers for AIAA conferences using LaTeX is a simple enough task, and there are a number of templates available to accomplish it. The purpose of aiaa-pretty is to modernize the template and provide a few more options. Among its advantages are automatically creating a PDF table of contents for easy navigation and some bug fixes relating to referencing subfloats.


University of Michigan Ph.D. dissertation template

This is yet another LaTeX template for the Ph.D. thesis at the University of Michigan. It's as clean and simple to use as I could make it, and it fits my tastes much more than the alternatives. If you have a need for such a specific template, I hope you like it enough to use it! Instead of explaining the basic features, I'll just point you to the example PDF.


Extensive unit conversion package for MATLAB

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