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"The strength of this book is the even-handed way in which Allan reviews a voluminous literature in search of generality...There is no question [that this is an] unusually lucid and judicious reassessment of the state of stream ecology."
-Stuart G. Fisher, Science

"I was particularly impressed by the way in which hydrological topics were discussed in relation to groundwater and recent studies of current flow...It was good also to see the balances between fishy topics and invertebrates, and between autotrophy and he terotrophy..."
-H.B.N. Hynes, Journal of the North American Benthological Society

"...this book will be a valuable reference to all those interested in the ecology of running waters."
-William L. Fisher, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society

"[This] book provides an excellent introduction to the area for advanced undergraduates and graduate students and will also provide a useful reference for researchers in freshwater ecology."
-Amy Rosemund and Bruce Wallace, Limnology & Oceanography

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