Economics 101, Winter 2011

Section 101 and 108

David Agrawal, GSI




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Syllabus for Sections 101 and 108





Because of the team teaching aspects of this course, all section type-written handouts and copies of examples will be posted at the main course webpage.


Hand-written section notes to accompany the formal handouts and examples can be found here:

Notes for MT1

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News Articles:

If you want to discuss news articles that relate to the course material in section, please email them to me.


Should Michigan cities and counties have the option of a local sales tax?

Bill would repeal Nevada's minimum wage law

Researchers call for independent US food standards agency


Chafee may seek compromise on sales-tax proposal

Farewell to Fixed Cost Airline Tickets?

Fixed packaging costs turning sugar makers sour


EBooks: Why Barnes & Noble Avoided Borders' Fate

Blockbuster Video store on Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor to close

Rising China wages hurt firms, help economy: minister


The Friendly Cellphone Monopoly

Electricity deregulation paying off for Texans

Judge echoes Google critics in digital book ruling


Retail banks not competitive, says Treasury committee

Mexico City street gangs mimic cartel violence


Where Sweatshops Are a Dream

John Shepley: Raising minimum wage makes business sense

Nobel Prize Trade Game





Here are some microeconomists and applied microeconomists (who I have worked with or taken microeconomics classes with).

Tilman Borgers

Lee Friedman

Janet Gerson

Paula Malone

Yusufcan Masatlioglu

Daisuke Nakajima

Steven Raphael

Stephen Sacks

Stephen Salant

Kathleen Segerson

Lones Smith