Volunteer Opportunities
 Brave New Works









  C o n t a c t  U s

Brave New Works
TEL: 800-896-7340
EMAIL: Brave.New.Works@umich.edu

  S p o n s o r s h i p

All Brave New Works are free to the public. Our mission is to bring forth New Music to the widest possible number of audiences. In order to make this possible it is vital that each concert be sponsored. If you are interested in sponsoring a concert please contact us.

  I n t r o d u c e s o m e o n e t o n e w m u s i c

We would like to provide "buddies" for our concerts. Each pair would be comprised of a neophyte of new music and a experienced lover of new music such as a composer or a performer or just a long time lover of new music. Ask questions, explore new ground. Be Brave! Would you like to try it? Become a New Music Buddy

  V o l u n t e e r

We need help producing concerts.You can help in following ways:

  • Ushering concerts.
  • Stage crew
  • Mailing
  • Poster design and distribution
  • Web site management