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Live recordings of the following concerts are available. We will send you a free CD for every $15 of donation to Brave New Works. All proceeds will be used for future concerts produced by Brave New Works.

Checks are payable to Brave New Works. Please indicate which live recordings you would like to receive for each $15 donation. As we produce more concerts we will be able to provide more live recordings to our supporters. Please send all donations to


Brave New Works

555 E. William St #11E

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Currently we are fund raising to emabrk on our midwest tour and to bring Gunther Schuller to Ann Arbor for the "Are You Brave Too ? festival" in May 1999. We are also fundraising to compete in the Gaudeamus Interpreter's Competition in Rotterdam, Holland in October 1999.

Music of Igor Stravinsky

March 12, 1998 Britton Recital Hall
Complete Pulcinella

Emily Benner, Soprano
Scott Piper, Tenor
Allen Schrott, Bass

Solo Quintet
Alexandra Adkins, Violin
Alejandra Urrutia, Violin
Robert P. Meyer, Viola
Mauricio Lopez, Cello
Anthony Stoops, Bass

Ensemble Collective

Chris Younghoon Kim, Conductor

Music of Luciano Berio

April 15, 1998 Britton Recital
April 18, 1998 Rackham Auditorium
Jennifer Goltz, Soprano
Christopher Froh, Percussion
Eli Shapiro, Percussion

Sequenza VII for Voice
Anne Adams, Soprano

Psy for Solo Bass
Anthony Stoops, Bass

Sequenza III for oboe
Lorraine Duso, oboe

Anne Adams, Soprano
Ensemble Collective
Chris Younghoon Kim, Conductor

Igor Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale

April 18, 1998 School of Music Rehearsal Hall

Eli Shapiro, Soldier
Tim Christie, Narrator
Aaron Sherman, Devil & Percussion

Liza Zurlinden, Violin
Hilary Scop, Clarinet
Rudi Heinrich, Bassoon
Tom Brown, Trumpet
Robert Meyers, Trombone
Anthony Stoops, Bass
Chris Younghoon Kim, Conductor

Music for and by the persecuted
8 pm Sunday, November 22, 1998
Britton Recital Hall

Music for the women of Bosnia Herzegovnia
"When Night Came..." for clarinet and piano
by Karen P. Thomas

Suite for oboe and piano
by Pavel Haas

Study for Strings
by Pavel Haas

Meditation on an Old Bohemian Choral
by Josef Suk

Four Movements for String Quartet
by Gideon Klein

Music of Toru Takemitsu
May 6, 1998 Britton Recital Hall

Music inspired by Takemitsu for Shakuhachi
Michael Gould, Shakuhachi

Thomas Gregory, Cello
David Schober, Piano

Rain Sketch
Christopher Froh, Marimba
Eli Shapiro, Marimba
Jonathan Ovalle, Vibraphone

Three Film Scores for String Orchestra
from 'Jose Torres', 'Black Rain' and 'Face of Another',
Ensemble Collective
Chris Younghoon Kim, Conductor



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