Kalistos Chamber Orchestra

Concert No. 1
September 27, 2002 @ 8 pm
 september concert This concert was held on
Friday, September 27, 2002
at Edward Pickman Concert Hall 
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27 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
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$15 Adults
$10 Students  [For Harvard and Tufts Students 2-for-1 price]
$5 Seniors and Young Person under 14

Soloist Bio

Georgy Valtchev is among the most prominent Bulgarian musicians of his generation.  He has been honored with a number of awards, most recently the First Prize of the 1999 Ducrest Young Artists International Competition in Lafayette, Louisiana and the Special Prize of the 1998 Tibor Varge Competition in Switzerland.

Mr. Valtchev has appeared as a soloist, recitalist and chamber musician throughout the United States and europe.  From 1992 to 1997 Mr. Valtchev was a participant at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado.  He has also toured Holland and has appeared live on Bulgarian Television and National Radio "Sofia".

Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Georgy Valtchev began his violin studies at the age of six and gave his first performance with Orchestra six years later.  At age sixteen, he became the winner of the Grand Prize and the Prize for best performance of Wieniawski at the 1989 "Kocian" International Competition in the Czech Republic.  In 1992, Mr. Valtchev came to the United States as a scholarship student of Dorothy DeLay and Masao Kawasaki at the Juilliard School in New York.  He holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from hat school and currently serves as the concertmaster of the Lyric Theater Orchestra in Hoboken, New Jersey.  He is also a faculty member at the Concordia College in Bronxville, New York.

Mr. Valtchev has recorded a CD with solo and chamber works by the American composer Victoria Bond for the GEGA label and has made a number of recordings for the Bulgarian Radio.

Program notes

 Text for Vivaldi's Four Seasons , Le Quattro Stagioni
Joyful Spring has arrived,
the birds welcome it with their happy songs,
And the brooks in the gentle breezes
Flow with a sweet murmur.

The Sky is covered with a blackmantle,
Thunder and lightning announce a storm.
When they are silent, the birds
Take up again their harmonious songs.
And in the flower-rich meadow,
To the gentle murmur of leaves and plants
The goatherd sleeps, his faithful dog at his side.
To the merry sounds of a rustic bagpipe
Nymphs and shepherds dance in their beloved spot
When spring appears in its brilliance.

Under the merciless summer sun
Languishes man and flock; the pine tree burns,
The cuckoo begins to sing and at once
Join in the turtle doves and the goldfinch.

A gentle breeze blows, but Boreas
Joins battle suddenly with his neighbour,
And the shepherd weeps because overhead
Hangs the dreaded storm, and his destiny.

His tired limbs are robbed of their rest
By his fear of the lightning and the heavy thunder
and by the furious swarm of flies and hornets.

Alas, his fears are well founded:
There is thunder and lightning in the sky and the hail
Cuts down the lofty ears of corn.

The peasant celebrates with song and dance
The pleasure of the rich harvest,
And full of the liquor of Bacchus
they finish their merrymaking witha sleep.

All are made to leave off singing and dancing
By the air which now mild gives pleasure
And by the season which invites many
To enjoy a sweet sleep.

At dawn hunters
With horns and guns and dogs leave their home:
The beast flees: they follow its traces.

Already terrified and tired by the great noise
Of the guns and the dogs, and wounded it tries
Feebly to escape, but exhausted dies.

Frozen and shivering in the icy snow,
In the strong blasts of a terrible wind
To run stamping one's feet at every step
With one's teeth chattering through the cold.

To spend the quiet and happy days by the fire
Whilst outside the rain soaks everyone.
To walk on the ice with slow steps
And go carefully for feat of falling.

to go in haste, slide and fall down:
To go again on the ice and run,
Until the ice cracks and opens.

to hear leaving their iron-gated house Sirocco,
Boreas and all the winds in battle:
This is winter, but it brings joy.

Schoenberg Verklarte Nacht Text
The Transfigure Night from the cycle "Woman and the World" [Weib und Welt] by Richard Dehmel (1863-1920) served as the program for the sextet.In a letter to the poet, Schoenberg explained the deep impression that this poem had left, saying:  "This poem forced me for the first time to search for a new tone in lyric poetry."

Transfigured Night
Two people are walking through a bare cold wood;
the moon keeps pace with then and draws their gaze,
The moon moves along above tall oak trees,
there is no wisp of cloud to obscure the radiance
To which the black, jagged tips reach up.
A woman's voice speaks:

I am carrying a child, and not by you.
I am walking here with you in a state of sin.
I have offended grievously against myself.
I despaired of happiness,
and yet I still felt a grievous longing
for life's fullness, for a mother's joys
ad duties; and so I sinned,
and so I yielded, shuddering, my sex
to the embrace of a stranger,
and ever thought myself blessed.

Now life has taken its revenge,
and I have met you, met you.

She walks on, stumbling.
She looks up; the moon keeps pace.
Her dark gaze drowns in light.
A man's voice speaks:

Do not let the child you have conceived
be a burden on your soul.
Look, how brightly the universe shines!
Splendor falls on everything around,
you are voyaging with me on a cold sea,
but there is the glow of an inner warmth
from you in me, from me in you.

That warmth will transfigure the stranger's child,
and you will bear it me, begot by me.
You have transfused me with splendor,
you have made a child of me.

He puts an arm abour her strong hips.
Their breath embraces in the air.
Two people walk on through the high,
bright night.

original version sextet written when composer was 25[ 1899]
orchestrated in 1917 for string orchestra
revised in 1943

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Forged from the fires of musical passion, Kalistos has emerged as the newest Chamber Orchestra to beat its heart in harmonic motion.  Coalescing from many nations and backgrounds, the members bring fresh insight to traditional repertoire and a keen glance at the cutting edge.  Beyond just a musical choice for an evening, Kalistos is a force bringing energy to education and other community programs.
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bio of our musicians

Sasha Callahan
Andrew Eng

Lelia Iancovici
Yi Ching Fedkenheuer
Adda Kridler
Nikola Takov
Viktoria Tchertchian
Shieh-Jian Tsai


Annett Klein
Dimitar Petkov
Russell Wilson


Leo Eguchi
Cynthia Forbes*
Ben Schwartz*


Brian Perry
Matt Reeder

Pedro Persone*


Chris Younghoon Kim

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 Origin of Kalistos:
Callisto   n.
Greek Mythology. A nymph, beloved of Zeus and hated by Hera. Hera changed her into a bear, and Zeus then placed her in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major. One of the four brightest satellites of Jupiter and the eighth in distance from the planet. Originally sighted by Galileo, it is the largest planetary satellite.
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