Jacqueline Jeeyoung Kim

Jacqueline Jeeyoung Kim
As a Korean-born composer who was educated in Korea and the United
States, Jeeyoung Kim^Rs music harmonizes the unique cultural aspects
from Eastern and Western traditions.

Ms. Kim has won awards and recognition from the ASCAP, International
Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM), National Association of Composers,
USA (NACUSA), Meet the Composer, SCI/ASCAP, Britten-on the Bay
competition, Dale Warland Singers New Music Competition, American Music
Center, Seattle Creative Orchestra Commissioning Competition, Jerome
Foundation, Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship, Atlantic Center for the
Arts, Aspen Music Festival, Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, and June In

In addition, she has received numerous commissions and her music has
been performed by many chamber orchestras and ensembles in the United
States, Europe, and Asia, including: the Seattle Symphony, Abilene
Philharmonic Orchestra, Su-Won Philharmonic Orchestra in Korea, Seattle
Creative Orchestra, Yale Concert Band, June In Buffalo Chamber
Orchestra, Oberlin Winter Orchestra, Dale Warland Singers, Su-Won Civic
Choir, De ereprijs in the Netherlands, Music At the Anthology, Azure
Ensemble, Insomnio Ensemble in Amsterdam, Ethos Percussion Group, Jang &
Pancaroglu Duo in Turkey, the ISCM International Summer Course for Young
Composers in Poland, Aspen Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble, Norfolk
Chamber Music Festival, AUROS Group for New Music, 4 Plus Percussion
Group in Korea, International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM)
Korean section, Korean Traditional Music Ensemble, and the American
Composers Forum.

Her music has been recorded and distributed by Koch International,
Doublemoon Records in Turkey, and Ismm Records in Korea.

Ms. Kim studied composition in Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea,
receiving a Bachelor of Music. After coming to the United States, she
studied at Indiana University, receiving a Master of Music. In May of
2001, Ms. Kim will receive the Doctor of Musical Arts from Yale

Current projects include commissioned works for the Dale Warland
Singers, Seattle Creative Orchestra, Insomnio Ensemble in Amsterdam,
Yale Concert Band, and Silk Road Ensemble which is led by Yo-Yo Ma.

Notes on

"Tiger Chasing the Wind" was written in memory of Isang Yun
(1917-1995), a Korean composer who was exiled by the Republic of Korea in
1969, after it imposed a death sentance on him for allegedly traitorous
activity in communist North Korea. Following his exile in 1969, he was
appointed Professor of Composition at the Hochschule der Kunst in West
Berlin, retiring in 1985. During his expulsion, he remained active in
organizations seeking the democratization of Korea and in the ultimate
reunification of the Korean people. Sadly, he did not live to see the
fulfillment of his dream. Shortly before his death, he attempted to return
to his birthplace. He flew to Japan and borded a ferry headed for Korea.
As the ferry approached the mainland, Isang Yun could only gaze at his
homeland. Due to the continued imposition of his exile, he was forbidden
to enter the country. The ferry lingered, but ultimatel turned away from
the Korean shore. Isang Yun had lost his last opportunity to return home.
He died shortly thereafter.
The title, "Tiger Chasing the Wind", represents Isang Yun's
relationship to Korea and his inability to return to his homeland. The
tiger is a symbol of Korea, yet here it represents Isang Yun. One can
imagine a tiger, graceful and powerful, hopelessly attempting to catch the
wind. In such a chase, the tiger's formidable skills are useless, just as
Isang Yun's talent and love for his country proved useless in his attempt
to return.

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