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Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting scores for Brave New Works.

Bounding Board Project 2
May 2004

International Call for Composers

Tufts University continues its long-standing commitment to the contemporary arts by issuing an open call for scores for the upcoming May 2004 Brave New Works residency. Composers are invited to submit original compositions for inclusion in the Brave New Works / Bounding Board Project to be held on May 20-31, 2004, featuring guest composer John McDonald. Submitted works will also be considered for inclusion in the core repertoire of Brave New Works.

Application Procedures:

  1. The 2nd annual Bounding Board Project will feature guest ensemble Brave New Works (BNW).  Instrumentation:  flute(picc), clarinet(e-flat clarinet, bass clarinet), piano, harp, soprano, violin, violin, viola, cello
    Works scored for the complete ensemble, as well as any smaller combination of these instruments, are encouraged.

  1. Composers shall submit chamber works using the instrumentation of the Brave New Works ensemble.*   Only works submitted for evaluation will be programmed in future BNW Projects.

* Please note that you are welcome to submit works scored beyond the above instrumentation, however, priority will be given to works that adhere to BNW's instrumentation.

  1. The works submitted may be scored for either the full ensemble, utilizing all of the members of BNW, or any combination of the BNW personnel.  Again, priority will be granted to submissions that feature the full ensemble.

  1. Music submitted must be postmarked by January 5, 2004 [note date change];   late applications will not be considered.

    Once we receive your application, we will send an email confirmation; application is not complete without applicant's e-mail address

  1. Entries without return postage will be discarded.  For return of materials, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Please include name, address, phone number and email address with submissions.

  1. 6-8 composers will be selected and contacted by January 25, 2004 for the Bounding Board Project 2 residency at Tufts University.  The residency begins Sunday, May 23, 2004 and runs through Monday, May 31, 2004.  You are expected to be in residence for those days.  Plan to arrive no later than Saturday, May 22, and depart no earlier than  June 1.

       7.      Composers selected for participation may be asked to write a composition scored for one or more of the following prescribed instrumentations:

Set of Trios [3 composers]:

                Trio #1 (flute, violin cello)

                Trio #2 (voice, violin, harp)

                Trio #3 (clarinet, viola, piano)

Sextet [1 composer]:

(flute, clarinet, string quartet)           


            Trio (voice, harp, piano) [1 composer]

(voice, harp, piano)


            Quartet [1 composer]

(2 violins, viola, cello)

            Quintet [1 composer]

(fl, cl, harp, piano, voice)


Large ensemble [1 composer]        

(flute and/or picc, clarinet and/or e-flat and/or bass clarinet, piano, harp, soprano, violin, violin, viola, cello


8.      Composers selected to participate shall complete the assigned compositions by April 1, 2004.

9.      Composers selected to participate in the festival must provide scores and parts that meet with professional standards of clarity and legibility by May 1, 2004.  Works that do not comply with professional standards of legibility, etc., are subject to supression at the discretion of BNW.

Send scores and applicable information to:

Chris Younghoon Kim

48 Professors Row

Medford, MA 02155


While care will be taken in the handling of materials, BNW/Tufts cannot be responsible for any loss or damage.





Chris Younghoon Kim, Artistic Director and Conductor

Jennifer Goltz, voice

Maria Sampen, violin

Steve Miahky, violin

Tim Christie, viola

Katri Ervamaa, cello

Winston Choi, piano

Emily Perryman, flute

Celia Eidex, clarinet

Amy Ley, harp

Thank you for your interest.

Composers selected so far [in no particular order]

Karen P. Thomas

Mark Kirschenmann

Pat Long


Natasha Barrett

David Schober

Stephen Eddins

John Berners

Carter Pann

Forrest Pierce

Jacqueline Jeeyoung Kim

David Liptak

William Bolcom

Evan Chambers

Tom Schnauber

Eli Shapiro

Erik Santos

Mark Kilstofte

Thomas Gregory

Bruce Adolphe

Erik Santos

Leslie Bassett

Grazyna Bacewicz

Andrew Mead

R. Murray Schafer

Shulamit Ran

Kristy Kuster

  O u r  M i s s i o n

The mission of Brave New Works is to engage, enrich, and educate through the medium of contemporary music.

ENGAGE:  Brave New Works offers exciting concert programs that challenge the performer and listener alike.  It is the goal of Brave New Works to demystify contemporary music, and build audience understanding and appreciation for the plurality of styles in which today’s composers address the world of sound.

ENRICH:  Brave New Works commissions numerous composers, and is committed to collaboration between different media.  Future plans include projects with dance, drama, and the visual arts, with a mind toward enriching the contemporary repertoire, and the artistic community at large.

EDUCATE:  Brave New Works seeks to educate students and audiences through creative programming, seminars and pre-concert discussions, and through the Brave New Works College Residency Program.

Comprised of 10 core musicians, Brave New Works performs a wide range of repertoire for diverse combinations of instruments.  In addition to ensemble performances, every member of Brave New Works performs as a soloist, each musician maintaining a repertoire of contemporary solo works for their instrument or voice type.

  C o n t a c t  U s

Brave New Works