COMM 408.001 / 840.001 -- Special Topics in Social Science; Fall 2013
Prof. Sandvig, University of Michigan



Basic instructions for all blogs:

Blog Questions

Question #1 -- Flow. How does the game "Flow" (assigned for today) demonstrate the ideas in this week's reading "Rhetorics of Self" (S-S ch. 10)? NOTE: The blogging platform is still not ready. Just email your blog post to the instructor for this blog post.

Question #2 -- Simulation. How does the game "ElectroCity" (assigned for today) demonstrate the ideas in this week's reading "Games as the Play of Simulation"?

Question #3 -- Rules. The Hughes chapter discusses the idea of "real" rules for interpersonal interaction and/or game play that might differ from the stated rules. How does interaction in "The Habbo Hotel" demonstrate unstated rules? Please refer to the Hughes article when you answer. (TIP: If you get stuck, the Habbo Wiki may help.)

Question break for the Mid-Semester Design Project. See also the Mid-Semester Design Project page.

Question #4 -- Design. Use the Formal Abstract Design Tools (FADTs) proposed by the Church reading to analyze the game "Candy Box". Optionally, make up your own additional FADT(s) or feel free to criticize or comment on the usefulness of FADTs.

Question break for the Final Project Proposal.

Question #5 -- Fieldwork. Follow the fieldwork guidelines to discover how people play using technology at the fieldwork site you chose in class on 11/6. Please highlight discoveries that are not obvious. Print out copies of the class consent form as needed. Remember to give participants a copy, and turn in one (signed) copy to the instructor for each participant.