Beating the Heat at Schreveningen

Schreveningen is a city located near Den Haag. It's so close that you can just ride a street car there. It's a really vacation spot with casino, shopping, beach, etc.The place has everything, including desirable women. Like all other tourist traps, it has it's price tag.

I'll just leave this one for you to figure out...

This was a bright, sunny and really hot day at the beach. As you might expect, a great deal of the women here were topless. I must admit that there were quite a few that I wish were NOT topless, but what could I do (besides close my eyes). The beach goes as far as the eye can see in both directions.

I guess this is supposed to be the Dutch version of Baywatch. These guys seemed to be pretty drunk when I was near them. So if you're drowning, your chances might not be too good as far as receiving help.

Most every large city in the Netherlands has its casino to make sure you left the country with as little money as possible. They're everywhere, even in the airports. This one was pretty cool inside though.

Are we having fun yet? Good, because I've got more pictures.