One reason for an individual district director to care about maps of all districts is that then national maps can be compiled and individual norms evaluated against national ones.  A national view may help to put local issues in perspective.  The first map below shows the number of ACBL members in each of the 25 districts of the ACBL based on ACBL data from March, 2005.

The next map shows the number of ACBL members by unit and is based on March 2005 data.  Click here to see a "clickable" map based on the map below.  A click on the linked map will cause a portion of the database to pop up that shows the number of ACBL members in the unit clicked upon.  It also shows the post office name of the location on mouse-over as well as the zip code and post office name of the location clicked upon.   The linked clickable map is composed of over 30,000 files; thus, depending on the computer you are using, the browser you are using (and its version number), and the speed of internet connection you are using, anywhere from part to all of the map capability may be available to you (for example, in one experiment we ran, only western districts and New York/New England were clickable in a current version of Internet Explorer whereas all were available as clickable districts in Netscape 7.2...that is no doubt but one variation).  A simpler clickable map, showing three fields (district number, unit number, and number of ACBL members by unit) is linked here.

Chair, Fairchild; Vice-Chair, Arlinghaus.
Anderson, Buckman, Cook, Gerard, Harlan, Heth, Himel, Kirkham, LeBendig, Morse, Steinberg, Taylor, Wood.
Staff:  Miller

Passed changes reflected on maps:

Item 051-25:  Disbanding of Hobbs Unit 379
The preesident of Hobbs Unit 379 has requested the disbanding of this unit due to there not being any duplicate games in Hobbs NM.  This Unit includes ACBL members that reside in Lea County NM.  It is their preference to be moved into the Carlsbad Unit #376.

Item 051-26:  Transfer of Franklin County TN from Unit 206, District 7 to Unit 179, District 10.
Members of Franklin County TN have requested to transfer to Unit 179 in District 10.  This motion is fully supported by District 7 who wishes these members well in District 10.

Item 051-27:  Transfer of Phelps County MO from Unit 101, district 15 to Unit 143, District 8.
Members of Phelps County MO transfer from Unit 101 in District 15 to Unit 143 in District 8.  The motion is fully supported by District 15 who wishes these members well in District 8.

This Atlas of international, national, and regional bridge maps is designed for visualizing information about the broader bridge-playing population.  Selected problems are considered using the evidence of maps.  These maps are tied in the computer to various ACBL databases and U.S. Census databases.  Thanks to Jay Baum, ACBL CEO, Rick Beye, Carol Robertson, Richard Oshlag, and Ed Evers, ACBL, for providing the materials directly to Sandra Arlinghaus, who then created the map sets using GIS software (ESRI, ArcView 3.2) that forges a dynamic link between underlying database and outline base map.  Graphic adjusments of various kinds were made in Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator.

The linked materials display data from the ACBL national data base.  If you are looking for local materials related to finding a bridge club, please go to maps created originally by Jim Lahey, former District 12 Webmaster, and maintained by Alan W. Bau, current District 12 Webmaster (  If instead, you are looking for materials about the broader bridge-playing population, at the regional and national levels, you are in the right place!

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