Bill Arlinghaus

District 12 Director,
American Contract Bridge League
Board of Directors

District Directors set policy for the entire organization at the North American level.  Individual districts have their own government for more local self-governance.  Some function in a "central" manner in which the District controls funding of tournaments and such; others function in a "distributed" manner in which units within the district control funding of tournaments and such. 

District 12 is organized as a "distributed" network with a "central" website.
Many thanks to Alan Bau for his outstanding D12 webwork!  Please see that site for local or regional bridge matters.  This site is devoted to displaying national-level activities of this Board member.

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There are so many who might appear here...

  • Each year the District Director receives from the ACBL a gift of $1000 to award to a charity of his/her choice:
  • Appointments
    • Made in 2012 to begin in 2013.
      • Charity Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Myles V. Maddox, Robert J. Katz
      • Goodwill Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Robert E. Chekaluk, Susan Bailey Carman
    • Made in 2011 to begin in 2012.
      • Charity Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Adele Forster, Robert Forster
      • Goodwill Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  James Peterson, Barbara Reed, Bill Goodman, Marty Goodman.
    • Made in 2010 to begin in 2011. 
      • Charity Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Sandra Arlinghaus, Grant Petersen
      • Goodwill Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  No new appointments made.
    • Made in 2009 to begin in 2010.  No new appointments made.
    • Made in 2008 to begin in 2009.
      • Charity Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Howard Abrams, Michael Alioto
      • Goodwill Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Catherine Gay, Myles Maddox, Jim Reed
    • Made in 2007 to begin in 2008.
      • Charity Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Patricia Becker, Robert Cappelli
      • Goodwill Committee, Lifetime Appointment: Connie Dugger, Peter Karmanos Jr., Beverly Kruger, Dave Swarthout
    • Made in 2006 to begin in 2007.
      • Charity Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Stu Cohen, Don Rumelhart
    • Made in 2005 to begin in 2006:
      • Charity Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Richard Temkin, Edward White
      • Goodwill Committee, Lifetime Appointment:  Alan Bau, Dennis Blodgett, Beverly Gardner, and William Huppenbauer.
  • Trophies:  records from engraved trophies.
  • Michigan Bridge Association, Unit Annual Goodwill Award 2011, awarded to Sandy Arlinghaus.

  • Many thanks to all who worked so hard at the 2008 NABC; their effort has helped get us another broad event...from the USBF.  The 2011 USBF Women's and Seniors' Team Trials will be held in the Marriott at the Renaissance Center, June 6 to June 11, 2011.  Sandy and Ron join me in heading the local arrangements along with many of our wonderful volunteers in District 12.
  • July, 2009:  Congratulations to Flight C Grand National Teams Winners from District 12!! Brian Wyman, Benjamin Weiss, Max Glick, Zach Scherr, and Zachary Wasserman:  they are all University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, students.  The first four are doctoral students in Mathematics and the fifth is an undergraduate Music major who plays the French horn.  Let's hear it for this fine group of young players!!  Link to ACBL Daily Bulletin.
  • The entire team of over 200 local volunteers who made the Compuware Detroit Spring 2008 NABC a huge success!  The three co-chairs were honored by Aileen Osofsky, ACBL National Goodwill Chair.
  • Mary Smith's article in the ACBL Bulletin was featured on the July 2007 cover!
  • I/N Committee Co-Chairs Beverly Gardner and Gail Hanson, together with their committee, drew 225 I/N players to workshop!  Watch for current information to appear for the next workshop on September 24, 2007!
  • Congratulations to former District 12 member, and long-time Ann Arborite, Zeke Jabbour.  Zeke was honored at the Goodwill Reception in Honolulu with the annoucement of his appointment as the "ACBL's Honorary Member of the Year for 2007."
  • Congratulations to The University of Michigan Bridge Teams who won the Intercollegiate National level championship for 2006!
  • Portable Document Files (pdf files) sent directly from ACBL to District Director.  Some files are sent every month; most are sent every several months.  The District 12 website has many other lists not posted here (to avoid excessive duplication).  Please look at those, too!

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