Bill Arlinghaus

District 12 Director,
American Contract Bridge League
Board of Directors

District Directors set policy for the entire organization at the North American level.  Individual districts have their own government for more local self-governance.  Some function in a "central" manner in which the District controls funding of tournaments and such; others function in a "distributed" manner in which units within the district control funding of tournaments and such. 

District 12 is organized as a "distributed" network with a "central" website.
Many thanks to Alan Bau for his outstanding D12 webwork!  Please see that site for local or regional bridge matters.  This site is devoted to displaying national-level activities of this Board member.

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National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2013 made by ACBL President Donald Mamula.

Appeals & Charges:  Blakely (chair),  Heth (VC-Hearings), Bagley, Fairchild, Hennings, Pinsky, Seals, Subeck.
Audit:  Levy (C), Jones, Reid. 
Board Oversight:  Anderson (C) (appointment per regulation), DeMartino, Robinson.
Bridge:  DeMartino (C), Robinson (Tourn), Monzingo (CoC), Hennings (GRoots/Spec), Arlinghaus, Blakely, Heller, Janicki, Jones, Levy, Morse, Pinsky, Subeck, Vilhauer.
Bylaws & Compliance:  Heth (C), Bagley, Harlan, Jones.
CEO Review:  Fairchild(C), Heth (VC), Bagley, Cook, DeMartino, Jones, Vilhauer.
Credentials:  Pinsky (C), Harlan, Hennings, Levy, Subeck, Vilhauer.
Election Protest:  Fairchild (C) (appointment per regulation), DeMartino, Harlan.
Finance:  Reid (C), Robinson (VC), Cook, DeMartino, Levy, Monzingo, Pinsky, Seals.
Governance:  Heth (C), Harlan (VC), Bagley, Calkins, Cook, Fairchild, Reid, Seals, Weniger.
Honorary Member:  Cook (C), Bagley, Calkins, Morse.
International:  Janicki (C), Heth, Levy, Morse, Vilhauer, Weniger.
Internet Bridge:  Levy(C), Blakely, Janicki, Vilhauer.
League Counsel Review:  D. Mamula (C), DeMartino, Harlan, Heller, Heth, Pinsky.
Masterpoint Policy:  Heller (C), Arlinghaus (VC--Technical), Calkins, DeMartino, Janicki, Jones, Monzingo, Weniger.
Membership Acquisition & Retention:  Hennings (C), Calkins (VC/Juniors), Harlan (VC/Boomers), Blakely, Cook, Morse, Reid, Seals, Subeck, Weniger
Minutes Review:  Harlan (C), Bagley, Reid.
NABC Site Advisory:  Johnston (C), Blakely, Heller, Hennings, Subeck.
NABC Strategic Analysis:  Monzingo (C), Arlinghaus, Heller, Robinson, Subeck.
Strategic Review & Evaluation:  DeMartino (C), Robinson (VC), Arlinghaus, DeMartino, Fairchild, Heller, Levy.

Additional Appointments:
ABA Liaison:  Harriette Buckman.
Director of Appeals:  Paul Janicki.
Hall of Fame Liaison:  Rich DeMartino.
National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2012 made by ACBL President Sharon Anderson.

ABA Liaison:  Harriette Buckman**
Appeals & Charges:  Blakely (chair), Mamula, Heth (Hearings), Fairchild, Pinsky.  Staff:  Whitten
Director of NABC Appeals:  Janicki
Board Oversight:  Robinson (chair), DeMartino, Fairchild.  Staff:  Miller
Audit:  Pinsky (C), Jones, Reid.  Levy as back-up if Pinsky elected Treasurer  Staff:  Wallace; Glover
Bridge:  Robinson, facilitator/coordinator (sits on Competition & Conventions).  Staff:  NABC Field Supervisor (rotating)
      2012 Bridge Committees: 

  • Competition and Conventions:  Carmichael (chair)**, DeMartino, Robinson.  Staff:  Whitten
  • Masterpoints:  Subeck (chair); Arlinghaus; Janicki; DeMartino; Monzingo, Vilhauer, Robinson.  Note:  ongoing Committee with changes to be made on 5 year cycle.  Topic for consideration; (1) masterpoint inflation, (2) masterpoints as incentive, (3) input from those affected—players, tournament chairs, and tournament directors.  Note: Option of the Chair to involve experts outside the board.  Staff:  Weinstein
  • Ranking (Review stratification):  Arlinghaus (chair) DeMartino, Janicki, Morse.  Staff:  Nachtwey/Weinstein
  • Strength of Field (sunset following Memphis meeting):  Subeck(C), Arlinghaus, Heller, Jones, Vilhauer. Staff: Patrias/Weinstein
  • GNT/NAP/Special Events: Hennings (chair), Heth, Bagley, Mark Aquino**; Mike Cassell**; Barbara Doran** (best practice).  Staff:  Taylor         New events/strategies. Develop programs that encourage participation in bridge
  • Tournament Regulation:  DeMartino (chair), Heller, Morse, Arlinghaus.  Staff:  Horwedel. Brief board on process regarding regionals at Sea.  NABC National Events Schedule Review.  Draft policy changes to support recommended schedule.  Consider creation of new bridge events.
  • Conditions of Contest:  Monzingo (chair); Blakely; Morse; Janicki.  Staff:  Whitten.  Update/clean-up and 2013 Conditions due summer of 2012.  Clarify language.
  • NABC New Events/Strategies Task Force (Event strategies to improve attendance among the Regional/non championship players):  Heller (chair), Hennings, Subeck, Vilhauer.  Staff:  3 NABC DICs.  Consider new limited events
  • NABC Site Advisory:  Jeff Johnston (chair), Hennings, Subeck, Heller, Blakely.  Staff:  Sullivan
  • NABC Appeals:  Michael Huston** (chair),   Director of Appeals: Janicki and Robinson as back-up.  Staff:  Whitten
  • Laws Commission:  Martel** (chair).  Staff:  M Smith
  •  Seeding:  David Berkowitz **(chair)
  •  Disciplinary Committee:  Overby** (Chair).  Staff:  Whitten
  •  Ethical Oversight:  Howard Weinstein **(chair).  Staff:  Miller

CEO Review:  Fairchild(C), Bagley, Hennings, Jones
Charity Committee Task Force:  Pinsky (chair); Fairchild, DeMartino, Seals.  Review  current guidelines and propose changes
Codification Update Task Force:  Mamula (chair); Harlan; Heth; Subeck.  Staff:  Miller.  Strategy to revise handbooks to reflect revised Codification.  Make report on legal reviewExecutive:  Anderson, Robinson, Cook.  Levy (Eastern), Harlan (Central), Pinsky (West).  Staff:  Hartman
Finance:  Reid (C), Cook, Monzingo, Levy, Mamula, Pinsky, Retek, Seals, Robertson.    Staff: Glover/Wallace
Full Service Clubs Task Force
(How clubs and ACBL can mutually benefit: incentives; could hold session with full service clubs at an NABC):  Seals (chair), Levy, Fairchild, Robinson, Pinsky, Hennings. Calkins, Bagley.  Staff:  Robertson
Hall of Fame Liaison:  Morse.  Staff:  McGuire
Goodwill Committee: 
Rose Meltzer**, chairman.  Will meet by phone and make recommendations to BOD.  Staff:  McGuire
Governance & Board Operations & By Laws: 
Harlan (chair), Seals,Fairchild, Reid, Mamula, Cook, Heth, Retek, Jones.  Staff:  Miller/McGuire.  Areas for consideration:  Conflict of interest disclosure.  Redistricting, Term Limits, Residence requirements, District realignment—keeping in mind there was no consensus (transition survey) regarding reducing the size of the BOD, term limits.  Review policy/process for exemption regarding BOD members playing bridge opposite BOG with 10 and 3 start times. 
Hall of Fame:  Steve Robinson** (chair).  Board Liaison: Morse.  Staff:  Miller
Honorary Member Nominating:  Cook (chair); Bagley, Levy, Retek.  Staff:  McGuire
Levy(C), Jones, Blakely, Vilhauer, Calkins.  Staff:  Campbell.  Develop an on-line bridge strategy—involve website developers and clubs.  Consider on-line teaching programs, Junior on-line tournaments
Juniors Task Force:  Harlan (chair), Heller, Seals, Retek, Calkins.  Staff:  Norton
Minutes Review:  Mamula(chair), Reid,  Harlan.  Staff:  McGuire/Miller
Technology:  ACBL Score Replacement:  Vilhauer (link to management).  Staff:  Johnston
Volunteer Development and Recognition Task Force:  Jones (chair), Calkins, Bagley, Harlan, Hennings.  Staff:  Sullivan
International--WBF restructure proposal Task Force:  Heth (chair); Vilhauer, Jones, Retek.  Staff:  M Smith.  Address structural changes suggested by Gianarrigo Rona.  Consult with CBF: Nader Hanna and USBF:  Joan Gerard

National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2011 made by ACBL President Craig Robinson.

Full ACBL National Committee Structure
  • Appeals and Charges:  Don Mamula (C), Georgia Heth (Hearings), Sharon Fairchild (VC), Bonnie Bagley, Bruce Blakely, Joan Gerard, Dan Morse, Rand Pinsky, Suzi Subeck. 
  • Audit:  Rand Pinsky (C), Bill Cook (2010), Claire Jones, Beth Reid
  • By-Laws:  Phyllis Harlan (C), Paul Janicki (VC), Bill Arlinghaus, Bruce Blakely, Georgia Heth, Ken Monzingo, Merlin Vilhauer.
  • Bridge:  Bill Arlinghaus (C), Joan Gerard (Tournaments), Suzi Subeck (Conditions of Contest), Bob Heller (VC), Bonnie Bagley, Bruce Blakely, Margot Hennings, Paul Janicki, Den Monzingo, Rand Pinsky, Merlin Vilhauer.
  • CEO Review:  Sharon Fairchild (C), Dan Morse (VC), Bonnie Bagley, Joan Gerard, Margot Hennings, Claire Jones, Suzi Subeck.
  • Finance:  Beth Reid (C), Bill Cook (VC), Sharon Anderson, Bob Heller, Al Levy, Don Mamula, Rand Pinsky, George Retek, Shirley Seals.
  • Governance and Board Operations:  Bill Cook (C), Shirley Seals (VC), Sharon Anderson, Sharon Fairchild, Beth Reid, Don Mamula.
  • International:  Al Levy (C), Georgia Heth (VC), Phyllis Harlan, Dan Morse, George Retek.
  • Internet Bridge:  Al Levy (C), Claire Jones (VC), Bill Arlinghaus, Bruce Blakely, Ken Monzingo, Merlin Vilhauer. 
  • Juniors:  Paul Janicki (C), Joan Gerard, Bob Heller, Georgia Heth, Nadine Wood
  • Marketing and Juniors:  Sharon Anderson (C), Beth Reid (VC), Bill Cook, Phyllis Harlan, Bob Heller, Margot Hennings, Paul Janicki, George Retek, Shirley Seals.
  • Technology:  Sandy Arlinghaus** (C), Merlin Vilhauer (VC), Bill Arlinghaus, Claire Jones, Al Levy, Ken Monzingo.

Additional Committees

  • ABA Liaison:  Harriette Buckman
  • CEO Search:  Bruce Blakely (C), Sharon Anderson, Joan Gerard, Dan Morse, Rand Pinsky, Beatty**, Blanchard**
  • Credentials:  Don Mamula (C), Phyllis Harlan, Margot Hennings, Rand Pinsky, Suzi Subeck
  • Director of Appeals:  Paul Janicki
  • HoF Liaison:  Rich DeMartino
  • Masterpoints:  Rich DeMartino (C), Bill Arlinghaus, Joan Gerard, Bob Heller, Claire Jones, Suzi Subeck
  • Minutes:  Beth Reid (C), Phyllis Harlan, Don Mamula
  • NABC Advisory:  Jeff Johnston** (C), Bonnie Bagley, Bruce Blakely, Joan Gerard, Bob Heller, Margot Hennings, Ken Monzingo, Suzi Subeck, Nadine Wood**
  • Ranking:  Claire Jones (C), Bill Arlinghaus (VC), Joan Gerard, Bob Heller, Paul Janicki, Al Levy, Suzi Subeck
  • Strength of Field:  Suzi Subeck (C), Bill Arlinghaus, Joan Gerard, Bob Heller, Claire Jones, Merlin Vilhauer
  • Seeding:  Nadine Wood**
**:  Non-Board Member
National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2010 made by ACBL President Rich DiMartino.

Full ACBL National Committee Structure
  • Appeals and Charges:  Joan Gerard (C), Rand Pinsky (VC), Bruce Blakely, Sharon Fairchild, Bob Heller, Georgia Heth, Don Mamula, Dan Morse, Suzi Subeck, Nadine Wood
  • Audit:  Beth Reid (C), Rand Pinsky, Bill Cook.
  • Board Operations:  Shirley Seals (C), Bill Cook (VC), Sharon Fairchild, Phyllis Harlan, Bob Heller, Ken Monzingo, Beth Reid, George Retek
  • Bridge:  Bill Arlinghaus (C), Nadine Wood (VC), Bruce Blakely, Joan Gerard, Bob Heller, Paul Janicki, Claire Jones, Al Levy, Ken Monzingo, Rand Pinsky, George Retek, Craig Robinson, Shirley Seals, Jeff Taylor 
    • Subcommittee Chairs:   
Conditions of Contest:     Nadine Wood                                      Tournaments:                    Bill Arlinghaus                                     
Special Events:                Rand Pinsky
  • CEO Review:  Sharon Anderson (C), Joan Gerard (VC), Georgia Heth, Don Mamula, Dan Morse, Rand Pinsky, Suzi Subeck, Nadine Wood
  • Finance:  Craig Robinson (C), Beth Reid (VC), Sharon Anderson, Bill Cook, Phyllis Harlan, Al Levy, George Retek, Shirley Seals
  • Governance:  Bill Cook (C), Shirley Seals (VC), Sharon Fairchild, Phyllis Harlan, Bob Heller, Ken Monzingo, Beth Reid, George Retek
  • Internet Bridge:  Al Levy (C), Bruce Blakely (VC), Bill Arlinghaus, Paul Janicki, Claire Jones, Craig Robinson, Jeff Taylor
  • Juniors:  Paul Janicki (C), Joan Gerard, Bob Heller, Georgia Heth, Nadine Wood
  • Marketing:  Sharon Anderson (C), Phyllis Harlan (VC), Bill Cook, Sharon Fairchild, Georgia Heth, Don Mamula, Dan Morse, Beth Reid, Suzi Subeck
  • Technology:  Sandy Arlinghaus (C), Bill Arlinghaus (VC), Claire Jones, Paul Janicki, Ken Monzingo, Jeff Taylor

Special Committees

  • Special Games at Clubs:  Nadine Wood (C), Bill Arlinghaus, Bruce Blakely, Joan Gerard, Georgia Heth, Bob Heller, Harriette Buckman   
  • Regional Allocation:  Joan Gerard (C), Ken Monzingo (VC), Sharon Fairchild, Phyllis Harlan, Bob Heller, Shirley Seals, Nadine Wood

Additional Committees/Appointments

  • ABA Coordination:  Harriette Buckman
  • Board Oversight:  Dan Morse, Sharon Fairchild, Al Levy
  • Bylaws/Compliance:  Don Mamula (C), Claire Jones, Georgia Heth
  • Director of Appeals:  Paul Janicki
  • Election Protest:  George Retek, Sharon Fairchild, Phyllis Harlan
  • GNT Credentials:  Rand Pinsky (C) (West), Bill Cook (Central), Sharon Fairchild (East), Al Levy (East), Georgia Heth (Central), Ken Monzingo (West)
  • Honorary Member:  Paul Janicki, Al Levy, Suzi Subeck, Nadine Wood
  • International/Federations:  Dan Morse (C), Joan Gerard, Georgia Heth, Al Levy, George Retek
  • Minutes Review:  Beth Reid (C), Phyllis Harlan, Don Mamula
  • Seeding Chairman:  Nadine Wood (Jim Kirkham)
National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2009 made by ACBL President Jerry Fleming. 

Full ACBL National Committee Structure

  • Appeals and Charges:  Heth (Chair), Anderson R. (Vice-Chair), Buckman, Fairchild, Gerard, Mamula, Pinsky
  • Audit:  Retek (Chair), Pinsky, Reid
  • Board Operations:  Levy (Chair), Taylor (Vice-Chair), Arlinghaus, Blakely, Gerard, Heth, Reid, Robinson, Seals
  • Bridge:  Wood (Chair), Robinson (Vice-Chair), Arlinghaus, Blakely, DeMartino, Gerard, Janicki, Levy, Mamula, Pinsky, Reeve, Retek
  • Bylaws/Compliance: Mamula (Chair), Wood (Vice-Chair), Anderson S., Heth, Monzingo, Mamula L. (BOG Appointee)
  • Conditions of Contest:  Arlinghaus (Chair), Gerard (Vice-Chair), Blakely, Harlan, Janicki, Reeve, Wood
  • Finance:  Robinson (Chair), DeMartino (Vice-Chair), Cook, Harlan, Mamula, Reid, Retek, Seals
  • Governance:  Seals (Chair), Cook (Vice-Chair), Anderson, R., Anderson, S., Buckman, Fairchild, Harlan, Heth, Monsingo, Reid, Taylor
  • International/Federations:  Arlinghaus (Chair), Retek (Vice-Chair), Anderson, R., DeMartino, Gerard, Heth, Levy, Reid, Robinson, Wood
  • Internet Bridge:  Levy (Chair), Arlinghaus (Vice-Chair), Anderson, S., Blakely, Janicki, Monzingo, Taylor, Wood
  • Juniors:  Anderson R. (Chair), Fairchild (Vice-Chair), Anderson, S., DeMartino, Janicki, Retek
  • Marketing:  Harlan (Chair), Blakely (Vice-Chair), Anderson, S., Buckman, Cook, Fairchild, Seals, Taylor
  • Real Estate:  Reeve (Chair), Cook (Vice-Chair), Buckman, Harlan, Mamula, Pinsky, Wood
  • Special Events:  Cook (Chair), Buckman (Vice-Chair), Anderson, R., Anderson, S., Blakely, DeMartino, Gerard, Retek, Robinson
  • Technology:  DeMartino (Chair), Levy (Vice-Chair), Arlinghaus, Blakely, Pinsky, Robinson
  • Tournament:  Retek (Chair), DeMartino (Vice-Chair), Anderson, R., Arlinghaus, Gerard, Janicki, Monzingo, Seals, Taylor, Wood
National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2008 made by ACBL President Dan Morse. 

Full Committee Structure

  • Appeals and Charges:  Heth (Chair), Steinberg(VC) Anderson, Buckman, Fleming, Reeve, Smith.
  • Audit:  Retek (Chair), Pinsky,  Reid
  • Board OperationsHarlan (Chair), Wood (VC), Andrews, Buckman, Himel, Reid, Seals.
  • Bridge:  Wood (Chair), Arlinghaus (VC), Andrews,  DeMartino, Gerard, Levy, Retek, Robinson.
  • Bylaws:  Himel (Chair), DiMartino, Heth, D. Mamula, L. Mamula.
  • CEO Review:  Heth (Chair), Reeve (VC), DeMartino, Fleming, Mamula, Pinsky, Smith.
  • Conditions of Contest:  Reeve (Chair), Arlinghaus, Pinsky, DeMartino.
  • Federations/International:  Arlinghaus (Chair), Anderson, Cook, Gerard, Levy, Retek, Robinson.
  • Finance:  Fleming (Chair), Robinson (VC), Andrews, Cook, DeMartino, Reid, Retek.
  • Governance:  Cook (Chair), Himel (VC), Harlan, Mamula, Pinsky, Reid, Seals, Taylor. 
  • Juniors:  Gerard (Chair), Anderson (VC), Himel, Smith, Steinberg, Wood.
  • Marketing:  Mamula (Chair), Seals (VC), Buckman, Harlan, Heth, Levy, Taylor.
  • Minutes:  Wood (Chair), Arlinghaus, Gerard.
  • Real Estate/Relocations:  Reeve (Chair), Cook (VC), Buckman, Fleming, Harlan, Smith, Wood.
  • Tournaments:  Arlinghaus (Chair),  Anderson, Andrews, Gerard, Levy, Robinson, Seals, Steinberg, Taylor.
National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2007 made by ACBL President Sharon Fairchild.

Full Committee Structure
  • Appeals and Charges:  Heth (Chair), Steinberg(VC) Anderson, Fleming, Morse, Reeve, Smith, Steinberg.
  • Audit:  Reeve (Chair), Robinson, DeMartino
  • Board OperationsHarlan (Chair), Morse (VC), Gerard, Levy,  Pinsky, Steinberg, Taylor, Wood
  • Bridge:  Reiman (Chair), Gerard (VC), Arlinghaus, DeMartino, Kirkham, Pinski, Robinson, Wood,
  • Bylaws:  Himel (Chair), Heth, L. Mamula, Wood
  • CEO Review:  Heth (Chair), De Martino (VC) Kirkham, Reeve, Reiman, Smith (2006 Anderson, Cook, Seals, Fairchild)
  • Conditions of Contest:  Arlinghaus (Chair), Reiman, Wood.
  • Federations:  Arlinghaus (Chair), Anderson, Himel, Morse, Seals
  • Finance:  Fleming (Chair), Robinson (VC), Cook, Mamula, Retek
  • GNT Credentials:  East – DeMartino, Reeve; Central – Heth, Himel; West  --- Fleming, Kirkham
  • Governance:  Himel (Chair), Taylor (VC), Cook, Harlan, Mamula, Retek, Seals, Taylor
  • Honorary Member:  Anderson (Chair), Steinberg (VC), Pinsky, Seals, Smith,
  • International:  Morse (Chair), Levy, Retek
  • Juniors:  Mamula (Chair), Anderson (VC), Fleming, Harlan, Heth, Smith, Wood.
  • Marketing:  Seals (Chair), Cook (VC), Pinsky, Robinson, Steinberg, Taylor
  • Masterpoint (as previously established):  DeMartino (Chair), Arlinghaus, Gerard, Himel, Kirkham, Reeve, Reiman.
  • Minutes:  Wood (Chair), Arlinghaus, Harlan.
  • Real Estate (as previously established):  Reeve (Chair), Cook, Kirkham, Morse, Reiman, Smith, Wood
  • Tournaments:  Wood(Chair),  Kirkham (VC), Arlinghaus, DeMartino, Gerard, Pinski, Robinson.
  • ABA Liaison:  Buckman
  • Director of Appeals:  Kirkham
  • Seeding:  Wood, Reeve (Co-Chairs)
  • Bill continued to serve as a non-member contributor to Competitions and Conventions.
National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2006 made by ACBL President Harriette Buckman.

Full Committee Structure
  • Appeals and Charges:  Heth (Chair), Steinberg (Vice-Chair), Arlinghaus, Anderson, Reeve, Fairchild, Kirkham
  • Finance:  Nist (Chair), Robinson (Vice-Chair), Retek, Reiman, Levy, Seals, Fleming, DeMartino
  • Governance:  Morse (Chair), LeBendig (Vice-Chair), Cook, Gerard, Harlan, Taylor, Himel
  • Bridge:  Reiman (Chair), Levy (Vice-Chair), Steinberg, Gerard, Wood, Reeve, Seals, Arlinghaus, Himel, Taylor, Kirkham, LeBendig, DeMartino
  • Marketing:  Fleming (Chair), Anderson (Vice-Chair), Retek, Robinson, Fairchild, Heth, Cook, Harlan, Morse, Nist
  • Board Operations:  Harlan (Chair), Arlinghaus (Vice-Chair), Retek, Steinberg, Gerard, Robinson, Morse, Fleming, Nist, Taylor, LeBendig, Levy
  • CEO Review:  DeMartino (Chair), Cook (Vice-Chair), Fairchild, Reeve, Seals, Reiman, Anderson, Kirkham, Heth, Buckman, Morse
  • Bylaws:  Himel (Chair), Wood, Heth, Mamula (Linda)
  • Juniors:  Fairchild (Chair), Wood (Vice-Chair), Steinberg, Seals, Arlinghaus, Himel, Fleming, Nist, Taylor
  • International Events:  Kirkham (Chair), Retek (Vice-Chair), Gerard, Reiman, Anderson, Morse, LeBendig, Levy
  • Special Events:  Robinson (Chair), Reeve (Vice-Chair), Heth, Cook, Harlan, DeMartino
  • Insurance:  Retek (Chair), Robinson, Reeve, Cook, Harlan, Kirkham, DeMartino, Afdahl
  • Real Estate:  Reeve (Chair), Wood, Cook, Reiman, Morse, Kirkham, LeBendig
  • Masterpoints 2006/07:  DeMartino (Chair), Gerard, Reeve, Arlinghaus, Kirkham
  • NAP/GNT Credentials:  Kirkham (Chair) (west), DeMartino (east), Reeve (east), Arlinghaus (central), Himel (central), Fleming (west)
  • Tournament Regulations (Bridge):  Wood (Chair), LeBendig (Vice-Chair), Gerard, Reeve, Arlinghaus, Kirkham
  • Audit:  Cook (Chair), Harlan, Heth
  • Honorary Member:  Steinberg (Chair), Wood, Reeve, Arlinghaus, Kirkham, LeBendig
  • Seeding:  Wood, Kirkham
  • 401K (as elected):  Morse (2006), Levy (2008)
  • Director of Appeals:  Gerard
  • ABA Liaison:  Buckman
  • Non-member Contributor to Competitions and Conventions:  Arlinghaus

National ACBL Board of Directors Committee Assignments for 2005 made by ACBL President Roger Smith.

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