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Thünen Society, North American Division

Johann Heinrich von Thünen, 1783-1850

The objective of the Thünen Society, North American Division, is to contribute to the understanding of society and nature by examining Thünen's contribution from an historical perspective as well as in derivatives of his work in a variety of disciplines.

This society is dedicated to the preservation of the works, both intellectual and physical, of Johann Heinrich von Thünen.  If interdisciplinary studies are to realize their true significance, then works of founding ancestors must be recognized and protected.

The Thünen Society, North American Division,
is affiliated with
Thünengesellschaft e.V.,
the headquarters of which are located at Tellow,
the estate of Johann Heinrich von Thünen,
in Mecklenburg, northern Germany.

Rolf-Peter Bartz
Direktor des Thünen-Museums und Geschaftsführer der Thünengesellschaft e.V.
Tellow@t-online.de, Tel:  039976-541-0, Fax:  039976-541-16.

Resources on Johann Heinrich von Thünen

  Photo Album
Thünen estate at Tellow.
Thünen gravesite
   Flyer about estate at Tellow (in German).

   Folder about estate at Tellow (in German).


Thünen was a North German landowner from Mecklenberg and was educated at Göttingen. Most of his life was devoted to managing his North German rural estate, Tellow.  His major academic work was embodied in Der Isolierte Staat (The Isolated State) (Volume 1,1826; Volume 2, 1850 and 1863; Volume 3, 1863).  In the first volume he set forth principles of spatial economics based on economic rent.  In the second volume he developed some of the mathematical foundations of marginal productivity theory.  One of his last wishes was that his famous equation for the natural wage, w = Öap,  be carved into his tombstone

Contacts in North America are:

Bob Peplies (Founder of North American branch),
East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee

John D. Nystuen (President), University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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