Maps and Decisions: 
Allen's Creek Flood Plain, Opportunity or Disaster?
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus

Maps supplied by the City of Ann Arbor (with particular thanks to Merle Johnson, Karen Popek Hart, and Wendy Rampson), as noted ( and by the Southeast Michigan Council on Governments (thanks to Gwo-Wei Torng) (

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  • Link to online map (by author, using ArcView coupled with Image Mapper):  eGovernment sample.
  • Link to maps with aerials, created by the Planning Department, City of Ann Arbor.
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Follow the links to the City of Ann Arbor Planning Department and then to "Public Involvement" and then "Registered Associations" and then "Residential Associations" for example to see contact information displayed using a clickable map.  This site, developed in 1998, is an early example of eGovernment.

(Developed on a grant from the City of Ann Arbor to the Planning Department to work in conjunction with the University of Michigan:  Wendy Rampson, Rosalyn Scaff, Sandra Arlinghaus, Chandra Hurd).

Map to the right created by the Planning Department of the City of Ann Arbor, November 4, 1999 (Alexis Marcarello).