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A recent visit to Campobello Island in Canada, off the coast of the state of Maine, offered an opportunity to view the eastern element of sculptor David Barr's Sunsweep:  an arch (both physical and virtual) that celebrated the U.S./Canadian
border with physical endpieces on Campobello and Point Roberts WA and a physical keystone in Lake of the Woods, MN.  The actual stone elements are linked virtually in the mind along the border as the sun sweeps  from east to west--all are
aligned to astronomical events and access to all requires a border crossing.  Colleagues and I had worked with Barr in a number of ways and that work was written about in an earlier number of Solstice (1991, Number 1;  a direct link to that article).  Indeed, as we noted,

From that earlier scholarly vantage point, it was with great enthusiasm that I went with friends and family to view the sculpture on the Summer Solstice (4:40 a.m.) sunrise on June 21, 1996.  The photographic record below is a continuing tribute to the events surrounding this international sculpture.

Information about SunSweep may be obtained at the Information Office at the Park Entrance.

Click on the small images to see larger images.
SunSweep, Campobello International Park
A view from a distance of Ragged Point and SunSweep
A longer view of Ragged Point and SunSweep
On the SunSweep Trail; 1 km path from parking area to sculpture.
Farther along the trail
View from Ragged Point
View eastward from Campobello Island
Flags of the Campobello International Park
Bridge from U.S. Mainland to Campobello Island (Canadian).
FDR's cottage on the island
Arch is made of etched Canadian granite
"Sunrise at Campobello"
John D. Nystuen at the arch.
Rhonda Ryznar, Rich Rovner, Leslie Nystuen:  members of the solstice party.