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In addition to sharing scholarly research, Solstice also gets in touch with colleagues and friends, near and far--and, because it is easy to interact, they sometimes send something right back!

Dear Sandra,

Thanks for the fine review and the intriguing suggestions for applications to cartography.

I have recently written a paper called `Spherical and projective trigonometry' that shows how to tackle 3d spherical geometry from the view point of rational trig. This paper is posted at at the Author's Corner. Perhaps it will be of interest.


Dear Sandy,

Hope you're all well and enjoying the summer days. Thanks for your email. I've passed  along the link of your Jrl. to our science editors, Christie xxx and Jen xxx--thought they might like to see it.

Sylvia are too modest. I read the awards page. congratulations.


Hi Sandy,

This was very interesting. Thanks for sending it along. The list of clubs by district and units was especially cool. In the redistricting article, I was wondering why the largest district was not included in
any look at balancing the population into equal districts? Do you know?


Hello Sandy,
thank you for your solstice-message. I (Carlo) tried to understand one of your exposèes - but I finished because it is too hot for studiing or something is not present in my background...I hope you are both well. In a week we will go to our summer-domicile in Ticino. Our son will visit us with his partner, because they intend start to  learn golf. Later our youngest daughter comes with Nico - he has already nearly 10 kilos and tries to sit and to stand (but it is too early with 7 months, it seams he is very strong and active). When do you come to  Switzerland?   Kindly regards    Rosmary + Carlo


We celebrated the Solstice down east in Southport, Maine -- about as far east and as long a day as is possible in this part of the world.  It was a lovely summer day (one of the few without rain for the past two months!), and we really appreciated the exra daylight with which to enjoy it!

Hope all is well with you!  Cheers, Estelle

Thank you for acknowledging my comment!  I apologize for  being so late in making this acknowledgement.


Bill J

BTW:  What is "Mathematical  Geography"?

Thank you for acknowledging my comment.

It is unfortumate that so many people think that the United States can be colored with only two colors; ie Red and Blue!

Regards, Bill J

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for the lastest edition!

Hope all is well.




Thanks for the note

Hope all is well - Happy Summer to you too


Happy solstice to you too and thank you so much for this.

How is you summer going?  I have not given up on the idea of another GIS event of some sort, just bogged down in too many other projects to move.