(in reference to material from Solstice, Volume XVI, Number 1, Summer 2005)

Mail from (other than about submitted manuscripts):

Lynn Scott, President, Vassar College Class of 1964--"Wow, Sandy...why don't you post a short blurb to the class web site [], under "Latest News" saying that this is what you have been working on and putting that link in.  Quite an undertaking--nice to see that it seems to be a family event."

Estelle Cashman--"And Happy Solstice to you too!"

Carolyn Westbrooks--
"Nice to hear from you Sandy, please keep me on your mailing list."

Richard Wallace--"The eBook is very nice Sandy."

Nathan Caplan--"Terrific!!!"

Harold Moellering--"Thanks Sandy...Sometime when we have more time, I would like to discuss this with you.  Also, I don't see the equations for this [dot clustering] work."

Robert Holmberg--"Many thanks for retaining me on your mailing list. And Spatial Synthesis even at first glance is beautiful, inspiring."

Diana Sammataro--checking on updates for animated honeybee map...

Carlo Werlen--"we thank you for your amazing message... unfortunately it's not in german..."

Chuck Drake--"Thanks for the Solstice reading!"

Waldo Tobler--"I think that you would enjoy some of the items at: "

Anna-Lena Johansson
"We have received a suggestion to include Solistice. An electronic journal of geography and mathematics in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals, <>). We will review the journal on the basis of our definitions and selection criteria (please refer to <>). To increase the speed of the reviewing process it would be very helpful if you provided us with the following information." ...