Continental USA Travel Tracks
Gottfried Hogh*

One of my computer projects these past few years has been the development of a life-long travel record in the form of a database from which various maps and graphics may be drawn.  The advent of GIS and other route mapping software and low cost, consumer GPS units has brought this dream closer to realization.

Some U S A tracks:

This map is an Albers Equal Area projection of the contiguous United States, centered on 100 West longitude.  The post-February, 1998 tracks were captured with a Garmin GPS-III.  The earlier tracks are reconstructed from my old, pre-GPS records. These are now about 90% complete as far as the various records I've kept since about 1957. While the overall data (even for the older records) are quite good, these obviously are not as precise in space and time as are the GPS generated tracks. The two, unconnected 'blips' on the northwestern border are from side trips down into Glacier National (International Peace) Park from Alberta [in 1967 VW Squareback; 20 June 1968], and along the beautiful Okanogan Valley from British Columbia, Canada.  A much more recent trip to the Puget Sound area (19-25 August 1999) is tracked in overall fashion as is a Montana segment where the 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera was able to perform on the road.

Modified: 17 June 2003 by: Gottfried Hogh

*Gottfried Hogh died this past July 30, 2004.