A Neighborhood Information System within Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sandra L. Arlinghaus
Lloyd R. Phillips
The University of Michigan
Adjunct Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment and College of Architecture and Urban Planning;
Graduate Student, College of Engineering, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

The power of the internet is with us on a daily basis; however, what we see is (obviously?) only the tip of the iceberg.  How can we make better use of it, and the various software package available for mapping and data analysis, in helping people to learn more about their own local settings?  The City of Ann Arbor maintains a clickable map site of self-identified neighborhoods (R. Scaff, W. Rampson, C. Hurd, and the first author); http://www.ci.ann-arbor.mi.us;  see the Planning Department portion of that website).

There have been a number of recent efforts to create Neighborhood Information Systems

One approach to considering Management Information Systems, at the country or regional level, has involved:  "assessment," "analysis," "action," and "feedback" (Community Systems Foundation, http://www.csfnet.org/).  We employ that strategy here to look at a small section of Ann Arbor, Michigan as a pilot project in developing Neighborhood Information Systems in southeastern Michigan.  Please move now to that site.