3D Atlas of Ann Arbor, 3rd Edition

Sandra Lach Arlinghaus

(aka "Archimedes" in the Google 3D Warehouse environment)

The "Diag"--central quadrangle--The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The current 3rd Edition of the 3D Atlas of Ann Arbor ( contains real-time 3d (virtual reality) models of the entire city of Ann Arbor.  The files in that eBook cover just under 25,000 buildings in Ann Arbor.  A number of files are fully textured; still others are partially textured; yet others are extruded from GIS software footprints according to correct heights; and, the remaining buildings outside the downtown and the university are extruded according to an arbitrary height.  The geometry for all buildings is there.  Recently, the 3D Warehouse featured the work of "Archimedes" in three of its four "Google Picks" categories:  "Cities in Development"; "Featured Modelers"; and, "Help Model a City."  The latter category is particularly exciting as it offers cities with full geometries, such as Ann Arbor, an opportunity to take advantage of free labor from those wishing exercises for students in texture application using Google SketchUp® coupled with photos in Picasa®, and so forth.  Thus, a winning opportunity is once again created (as it was when municipal authorities began to embrace GIS software):  the city that shares its files wins with free labor and an expanded spatial information base--university instructors win with fine real-world scenes to offer students as modeling exercises.  Consider joining the growing group!

Copyright, 2007.  All rights reserved, Insitute of Mathematical Geography.