Neighborhood 21 - Ann Arbor
South of Washtenaw - West of US-23 - North of I-94 - East of Platt

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  Scheffler Park Pittsfield School Sylvan Park Sylvan Park Terhune Pioneer Cemetery Pittsview Park Redwood Park Mitchell and Scarlett Schools Turnberry Park Scarlett Mitchell Woods Scarlett Mitchell Nature Area

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Scheffler Park
Huron Parkway and Edgewood, Ann Arbor

Size: 5.52 acres

Amenities: Playground Equipment, Basketball Courts, Softball Fields, Walking Trails, Picnic Area, Drinking Fountain

Transportation: AATA Bus Route 7, parking available

Sylvan Park
Sylvan and Washtenaw, Ann Arbor

Size: 12.0 acres

Amenities: Playground Equipment, Tennis Courts, Walking Trails, Picnic Area, Natural Area

Transportation: near AATA Bus Routes 4, 7 & 22

Terhune Pioneer Cemetery
Terhune at Lillian, Ann Arbor

Size: 0.9 acres

Amenities: none

Transportation: near AATA Bus Route 5

Pittsview Park
Pittsview at Packard, Ann Arbor

Size: 0.58 acres

Amenities: undeveloped

Transportation: AATA Bus Route 5

Redwood Park
Redwood at Platt, Ann Arbor

Size: 0.54 acres

Amenities: undeveloped

Transportation: AATA Bus Route 5

Scarlett Mitchell Nature Area
Scarlett Mitchell Woods (Ann Arbor Public Schools)
off Lorraine St., Ann Arbor

Size: 24.56 acres (SMNA)

Amenities: Walking Trails, Natural Area

Transportation: near AATA Bus Route 6

"Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area is a 25 acre park adjacent to Scarlett and Mitchell Schools and Mitchell-Scarlett Woods. Access to the park is from the schools’ parking lot, where parking is available. A trail through Mitchell-Scarlett woods connects to the city park. This park is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers.

"The combined areas of Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area, Mitchell-Scarlett Woods, and Turnberry Park allow for a great diversity of plant and animal life. Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area contains an old field, a diverse wetland, and a wooded area. The old field and wetlands are great areas to look for birds, facilitated by many bird boxes throughout the park. The wetlands also support a sizable population of reptiles and amphibians. A trail loops through these areas, however it is a seasonally wet area, so be prepared, especially during the rainy spring months. This nature area is undergoing restoration efforts by the staff and volunteers of the Natural Area Preservation Division, including prescribed ecological burns and removal of non-native invasive plants."

Turnberry Park
Turnberry and Ailsa Craig, Ann Arbor

Size: 8.27 acres

Amenities: Walking Trails, Natural Area, other facilities under development

Transportation: near AATA Bus Route 5

Mitchell Elementary School
Scarlett Middle School
Pittsview and Lorraine, Ann Arbor

Mitchell Elementary School is a close-knit school community with a diverse student population. The school sits on a large lot at the corner of Pittsview Drive and Lorraine in front of Scarlett Middle School. Mitchell takes advantage of this close proximity to Scarlett by enjoying nature hikes at Scarlett Woods and swimming lessons in the Scarlett pool."

Pittsfield Elementary School
Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor

Pittsfield Elementary School - Home of the Penguins!