How Do I Know That A Bag Of Fertilizer Is P-Free?
On any bag or box of fertilizer, there is a string of three numbers. The first number indicates nitrogen, the middle number indicates phosphorus content and will read "0" if the product is phosphorus-free, and the third number indicates potassium content.

Which Companies Are Marketing P-Free Fertilizer?
Clean Green Fertilizers, Practical Soy LLC
P-free Fertilizer fromTotal Lake Mngmt.

Bags of fertilizer
Will Phosphorus-Free Fertilizer Keep My Lawn Healthy?

Phosphorus is necessary to grow healthy lawns. However, most soils in Ann Arbor, as well as many parts of Michigan, already have a sufficient amount. In these cases, adding more fertilizer is not needed and will not benefit your lawn. Healthy lawns can be maintained with phosphorus-free fertilizer. If you think that your lawn may not have enough phosphorus, you can have a soil sample tested for phosphorus content.  Soil Testing Information for Michigan

Are Local Retailers Selling P-Free Fertilizer?

Yes, and here is a list of local retailers selling phosphorus-free fertilizers. For more information about the p-free fertilizers available in your area, please contact a retailer directly.

  • Downtown Home and Garden
  • Ace Hardware Stores

Phosphorus-Free Household Cleaners

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