Repositories Consulted and Outcomes:

Professor Sandra Arlinghaus : Not only was Professor Sandra Arlinghaus key in helping to define the project's goals, but a number of the resources listed below were recommended by her for the research. ArcView mapping and analysis tools were also introduced by Professor Arlinghaus for use in this project.

University of Michigan Mapping Library : The Mapping Library at the Hatcher Graduate Library of the University of Michigan had aerial photograph and historic map collections which were scanned for use in this project.

Ann Arbor Public Library: The Ann Arbor Library was a resource for local historical accounts including the Old West Side Newsletters.

Ann Arbor City Information Systems : In mid October I contacted Merle Johnson at the City of Ann Arbor Information Systems at City Hall. He was able to provide an electronic file containing a digital orthophotograph of the project site which corresponded to ArcView data.

Ann Arbor Planning Office : The City of Ann Arbor's Planning Office holds a collection of aerial photographs for Ann Arbor as far back as 1947. I gained a scanned electronic copy of the 1947 aerial for most of the site, however the southernmost corner was not included on the aerial creating a hole in the analysis.

Grace Shackman : It was Grace Shackman's recommendation upon contacting her in late October, after identifying her as a potential historic photograph collection holder, that I call Scott Kunst.

Scott Kunst : Scott Kunst was contacted to potentially locate historic photographs. Although he did not have any historic photographs, he mailed a copy of his walking tour of historic gardens of the Old West Side.

Ethel Potts : Mrs. Ethel Potts was contacted for potential information about historic photograph collections of the project site. Unfortunately, the names provided by her as leads to locate these collections were people already contacted that had not yielded photograph locations.

Washtenaw County Drainage Commissioner Janice Bobrin : The Washtenaw County Drainage Commissioner Janice Bobrin was contacted for leads in obtaining information about drain conduits and the former Allen's Creek location. Bobrin provided the name of a person at the City of Ann Arbor's Water Utilities Department place to consult for obtaining this information.

Ann Arbor City Water Drainage Department : The City of Ann Arbor's Water Drainage Department GIS specialist, David Wilburn, provided a storm conduit layer for use with ArcView. The storm conduit layer identified the basic shape of the former Allen's Creek which had been undergrounded in the 1920s as well provide the location of present-day conduit.

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