Welcome to my home page. My name is Katya Podsiadlo. This page is evolving continually, so please be patient. The adorable kid in the photographs below is me, more than twenty years ago! Each picture frame will link you to my resume, my portfolio, current coursework and my favorite web pages. Read the text at the bottom of this page to learn about what I'm doing now.



  • RESUME. . . . Find out more about my educational and professional experience by clicking on the image to the left. You will access my resume.
  • PORTFOLIO. . . . My portfolio is evolving on a daily basis. Most examples of my work are not in an electronic format yet. As I have free time and plenty of disc space, I will scan selected examples of my work to include in my electronic portfolio. The second image will link to my electronic portfolio eventually. 
  • NRE 530. . . . During the fall of 1999, my coursework at the University of Michigan includes the class "NRE 530: Geography: Spatial Analysis" taught by Professor Sandra Arlinghaus. A research/ mapping project is be linked through the image to the left. My project pertains to landscape change in a neighborhood of Ann Arbor.
  • LINKS. . . . My favorite and/or "most useful to me" web sites can be accessed (in the near future) by clicking the fourth image. 


I am a first year landscape architecture graduate student at the University of Michigan. I moved from Burlington,Vermont to Ann Arbor, Michigan to go to school. Several years ago I worked at the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont and helped create several web pages pertaining to community development. I invite you to explore the Center's web site and peruse the pages about Rural Communities and Economic Development, specifically the link to Visual Analysis Materials that I co-authored.

The three-year master of landscape architecture program at the University of Michigan is unique and exciting. Courses I am enrolled in this semester include a watershed design studio course, a visual communication class, an Introduction to Soils lecture and lab, as well as a course called Geography: Spatial Analysis. In addition to requiring the posting of a GIS mapping project on the web, the latter course has encouraged me to consider what information to include on a personal web page. This fall I have also been involved in helping a professor with research for a book that addresses monetary value of natural resources. One organization has produced software that attempts to value urban trees. Visit the web page that describes the software package: www.americanforests.org/garden/trees_cities_sprawl/citygreen/citygreen_subhome.html.

In the winter semester of 2000 the courses I will be enrolled in a landscape ecology studio, a site engineering course and a course called the history of human interaction with the land. Come back to my web page in the spring and see what's new!




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Last updated: December 13, 1999