Ann Arbor Creeksheds:
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Created by the City of Ann Arbor Environmental Commission, Water Subcommittee
on behalf of all of the citizens of Ann Arbor.
Material presented to the Environmental Commission, June 26, 2003.  
The EC voted unanimous support of a modified form of this resolution (which the Coordinator has) and directed that it be sent on to City Council.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Creeksheds.

To find out information by creekshed, click on the links below,
or click here to see a larger version of the colored map above that has been made clickable by creekshed.

Allen's Creekshed
Fleming's Creekshed
Honey Creekshed
Huron River, Direct
Mallett's Creekshed
Swift Run Creekshed
Traver Creekshed

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Resolutions involving creeksheds:

Selected maps and links to maps
(see attached pages for additional references):

Current Planning Areas, not based on creeksheds  Central, South, Northeast, and West.

Click to see floodplains of creeks superimposed on master planning units

To see clickable map, go to City of Ann Arbor website, Planning Department.

Selected references involving the general Ann Arbor area
(see attached pages for additional references)

Data on vacant land, July 10, 2001.

Letter from Elizabeth Worzalla, Huron River Watershed Council, to Karen Hart, Planning Director City of Ann Arbor, calling for creeksheds as planning units.  May 1, 2001.

Ann Arbor Transportation Plan Update, Wendy Rampson, April 27, 2001.

Collaborative Project with the Scio Township Planning Commission, Karen Hart, April 26, 2001

Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's Office (Harry) supplied materials on planning by creekshed, following meeting of WCDC with CPC, 1997.

Elements of Spatial Planning:  Theory, Part I., S. L. Arlinghaus, Solstice:  An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics, Volume VI, Number 2, 1995.  Article that calls for using the creekshed as a fundamental planning unit.

e-mail:  Environmental Commission, water subcommittee webpage contact.