Geographical Voices
Edited by Peter Gould and Forrest R. Pitts
Syracuse University Press

Contents include:
"Clara Voce Cognito," Brian J. L. Berry
"A Journey to Discovery," John R. Borchert
"Center, Periphery, and Back," Karl W. Butzer
"A Random Walk in Terra Incognita," Leslie Curry
"Lessons from the Design of a Life," William L. Garrison
"You Don't have to Have Sight to Have Vision," Reginald G. Golledge "Memoires and Desires," David Harvey
"The Life of Learning," Donald Meinig
"Pausing for Breath," Richard Morrill
"Glimpses," Gunnar Olsson
"Sliding Sideways into Geography," Forrest R. Pitts
"Ma Vie," Waldo Tobler
"A Life of Learning," Yi-Fu Tuan
"Autobiographical Essay," Gilbert F. White