From sarhaus@umich.eduTue Jun 20 20:40:10 1995
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 20:36:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Sandra Arlinghaus 
Subject: File of Solstice Figures, Vol. VI, No. 1, 1995. (fwd)

 To:    Readers of Solstice
 From:  Richard Wallace, Technical Editor,

	This message contains as attachments all but two of the figures
referred to in the article "Motor Vehicle Transport and Global Climate
Change: Policy Scenarios."  The figures were originally created using
Atlas GIS for Windows (v. 2.0) from Strategic Mapping Inc., and Quattro
Pro for Windows. 
	For this issue of *Solstice*, the Atlas map was saved as a bitmap
and FTPed to a unix machine in order for it to be attached to an e-mail
message.  The name of the map file is mapauto.bmp.  Similarly, the graphs
created in Quattro Pro were exported as EPS (encapsulated Postscript)
files, FTPed, and attached to this e-mail.
	To view these figures, readers will first need to save the attachments 
onto the machine that serves as their mail server (typically a unix 
machine that one logs into remotely from a PC or Mac) and then FTP them 
to their local hard drive or to a floppy disk.  I used Rapid Filer to 
upload the files, but both Rapid Filer and Fetch (a Mac-based FTP 
program) succeeded in downloading them.  Other FTP programs should work 
just as well.  
	From the local drive, the figures are easily viewed by a number of
popular applications such as Word Perfect and Microsoft Word.  You can
even view the bitmapped map in Windows's Paintbrush accessory; from there
you might wish to use a data show to have a group of observers view the
map.  If you have any problems with these procedures, you probably can
receive assistance from your institution's computer support staff.  You
can also direct general questions to me at the e-mail address, listed at the top of this message.  Finally, after you
have saved the figures on some device other than your e-mail account, you
likely will want to delete the e-mail version, because most institutions
place limits on disk space allotted to individual e-mail accounts. 

	Following is a list of the Figures in the article along with the
names of the corresponding attached files. 

	Figure 1.	mapauto.bmp
	Figure 4.	japan.eps
	Figure 5.	korea.eps
	Figure 6.	hungary.eps
	Figure 7.	us.eps
	Figure 8.	usproj.eps
	Figure 9.	japproj.eps
	Figure 10.	hungproj.eps
	Figure 11.	india.eps
	Figure 12.	indiaprj.eps
	Figure 13.	mexico.eps
	Figure 14.	koreaprj.eps

	Richard Wallace, Technical Editor

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  [Part 3, ""  Attached file "japan.eps"  200KB]
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  [Part 4, ""  Attached file "korea.eps"  207KB]
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  [Part 5, ""  Attached file "hungary.eps"  189KB]
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  [Part 6, ""  Attached file "us.eps"  214KB]
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  [Part 7, ""  Attached file "usproj.eps"  170KB]
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  [Part 8, ""  Attached file "japproj.eps"  172KB]
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  [Part 9, ""  Attached file "hungproj.eps"  156KB]
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  [Part 10, ""  Attached file "india.eps"  158KB]
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  [Part 11, ""  Attached file "indiaprj.eps"  168KB]
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  [Part 12, ""  Attached file "mexico.eps"  174KB]
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  [Part 13, ""  Attached file "koreaprj.eps"  169KB]
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