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Jubilee medal design based very roughly on the silver jubilee medal of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

  • Solstice page translated into Belorussian, April, 2016; many thanks to Valerie Bastiaan.  Link.
  • Solstice cover materials translated into Ukranian, August 25, 2011; many thanks to Galina Miklosic.  Link.
  • Solstice was a Pirelli INTERNETional Award Semi-Finalist, 2001 (top 80 out of over 1000 entries worldwide)
  • One article in Solstice was a Pirelli INTERNETional Award Semi-Finalist, 2003 (Spatial Synthesis Sampler).
  • American Mathematical Monthly, September 1992, in Telegraphic Reviews section notes Solstice as "one of the world's first electronic journals using TeX."  L. A. Steen.
  • Science News, 25 January, 1992.  Article about Solstice.
  • Science, AAAS, 29 November, 1991.  Article about Solstice.

  • IMaGe is listed as a "Collection" in the persistent online archive, DeepBlue, of The University of Michigan library.  It is listed under "Mathematical Geography" on the Collections link.
  • Solstice is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals maintained by the University of Lund where it is maintained as a "searchable" journal.
  • Solstice is listed on the journals section of the website of the American Mathematical Society,
  • Solstice is listed in the EBSCO database.
  • IMaGe is listed on the website of the Numerical Cartography Lab of The Ohio State University:
  • Solstice is listed in Geoscience e-Journals, as in the table below:

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