Spatial Synthesis:  An eBook Series

Sandra Lach Arlinghaus and William Charles Arlinghaus

Volume I:  Centrality and Hierarchy
Book 1:  Regular Lattices, Geometry, and Number Theory.

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About the Authors
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Possible Future Volumes
Proposed topics for future volumes of Spatial Synthesis, as invited in
Solstice:  An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics,
Volume XIII, Number 2, Winter 2002
( ).
Volume I;  Centrality and Hierarchy (Books 2, 3,)
Volume II:  Distance and Geodesic
Volume III:  Adjacency and Connection
Volume IV:  Minimax, Absolute/relative, and Density
Volume V:  Scale, Orientation, and Dimension
Volume VI:  Partition, Separation, and Diffusion
Volume VII:  Transformation and Symmetry
Institute of Mathematical Geography.  Copyright, 2005, held by authors.
Spatial Synthesis:  Centrality and Hierarchy, Volume I, Book 1.
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus and William Charles Arlinghaus