The Earth by descending powers of 2

Brief History:  The Institute of Mathematical Geography (IMaGe) was founded (by the current Director) in 1983 and licensed to conduct business in Washtenaw County, Michigan, in 1985.  Throughout its 20 plus year history, it has been a leader in the dissemination of geographical and mathematical materials using current technology.  Early works of IMaGe were noted in Science and in Science News (see Press section of this site).  Later work has been honored with notice from the Pirelli INTERNETional Award, first for IMaGe's electronic journal, Solstice, as a "semi-finalist" in 2001, and later as a semi-finalist for one article in Solstice in 2003.  IMaGe authors have also been privileged to receive a number of awards for other work (including a Pirelli "finalist" designation).  See the Awards page to view these honors.

Founding Director and Creator of IMaGe:
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus
1964 Boulder Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
phone:  734.975.0246

All material is copyrighted and copyrights for IMaGe materials are filed, along with original copy, in the Library of Congress. Please employ standards for fair use and citation practice similar to those for conventional printed matter. From the original IMaGe logo, Allen K. Philbrick created, for IMaGe, this graphic variation (in 1986) used as the background for this site.
Source of original (single) Earth animation, downloaded from:

This site was created, first, on December 19, 1995.