The comix list has a culture all its own; fools are not tolerated gladly. If you do join, I recommend that you read the list for a bit before posting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The comix list has moved recently from to If you run across references to, the  addresses will no longer work. Other than the change in address, the comix list works exactly the same way as before.

Here's some basic info about the list and its charter (from the welcoming message):

The comix list is intended for discussion of non-mainstream and independent comics. We generally don't talk about superheroes much, especially any superhero which is part of an overall superhero universe (i.e. DC, Marvel, Image, Ultraverse, Comics Greatest World, Milestone, etc.) We don't talk about Marvel Mutants or Spawn at all.

The purpose of this list is *not* negotiable, as there are many other resources for discussion of other types of comics.

(The following is blunt, because while this is normally a friendly list, we've found that some people need this to be spelled out in very plain language. No offense is intended to those who don't need it spelled out). If you don't like the deliberate limitations of this list's topic, deal with it; it's your problem not ours. While tangents towards and comparisons with more mainstream books and topics sometimes come up, these are usually started by people who have been on the list a while and shown from their posts that they understand what the list is about and thus have more latitude. In fact, it is suggested that newcomers wait a couple of weeks before posting in order to get an understanding of the list's atmosphere and topic selection. If you discover that these are not the type of comics you want to read about and discuss, you can unsubscribe by sending e-mail to; in the body of the message, type UNSUBSCRIBE COMIX

If you've read this, and still want to check out, you can subscribe by sending an email to; the body of the message should include:

subscribe comix (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS).

The comix list is fairly busy, but there is a digest version. You can subscribe to the digest version by sending an email to; the body of the message should include:

subscribe comix-digest (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS).

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