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Q: When are your office hours?

A: My office hours immediately follow each of my classes or by appointment during the week. I'm usually available in my office (BMT606) while working on the MUSA publishing project. Feel free to stop by and say hello, but if you want to be certain to find me, make an appointment via email at claguem@umich.edu.

Q: What if I canÕt find my syllabus?

A: If youÕre reading this web page, your syllabus is only a few clicks away, go to the courses page and click on the syllabus link. Better yet, use your coursetools site for the most current version. Print it out or bookmark the page where you find it, if necessary.

Q: Can I make up a quiz or test I miss?

A: No, or rather, only in extraordinary circumstances. My grading system is designed to flex to fit individual student needs. If you miss a test or other assignment, find other assignments to recover the lost points. The reason for this policy is that it takes to much time for me to make up individual make-up tests. I need this time for class preparation for all my students, not for a single student. There is no penalty for missing a test as long as an equivalent

Q: Can I turn in work late and still receive credit?

A: Yes; although your grade will be penalized, it is much better to turn in work late than not at all. If you need extra time to complete an assignment, please talk to me. As long as this request is not repeated for every assignment, I'll be happy to set a new deadline. BUT then you need to meet this new deadline.

Q: Can I rewrite a paper to raise my grade?

A: Yes; please talk to me about this after receiving comments on your initial drafts.



What is your area of specialty?
American music from 17th-21st centuries.

What instrument do you play?

What's a bassoon?
A double reed woodwind instrument.

Where do you perform?
Currently with the Campus Symphony Orchestra.

What kind of music do you like?
I pretty much like all styles of music. I can't listen to music that I consider racist or misogynist or otherwise offensive for pleasure, but I find it worth researching and talking about.

What are some of your favorite pieces or recordings?


Film Music






Current most-frequently played album in my collection:
Shania Twain, "UP!" red disc.

Do you have kids?
Yes, I have three fantastic children: twin girls (Hannah and Michaela) and a son (Ronan).



Submit additional questions to me via email at claguem@umich.edu