Classical Music
in the United States

  Mark Clague, instructor    
  MHM408/508 Fall 2000
Mondays and Wednesdays 3:10 p.m.-4:30
Burton Memorial Tower #506
University of Michigan School of Music
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Course description

CLASSICAL MUSIC IN THE UNITED STATES will explore the history of the Western European classical tradition in the New World through discussion, listening, role playing, and a class research project, culminating in an afternoon symposium. Material covered will balance the history of American composers and their works with the sometimes awkward, sometimes apparently natural, position of classical music in American culture. Issues of American identity, gender, race, and social class will be addressed in depth.

Although the ability to perform is not required, participants will be encouraged to share their musical skills in class and during an evening recital that will introduce music of the colonial and experimental traditions. Students will be able to substitute a performance with commentary for a formal written paper.

Research teams of three to four students will address a topic area within a class-wide symposium titled, The Future of Classical Music in America?" Each team will design, execute, and present a study of classical music in contemporary American society, focusing on a core issue, such as audience, performance, composition, education, presentation, technology, and economics. Each project will be made part of the class Website and presented to the class along with invited guests in an afternoon meeting, organized and executed by the class.

Collaborative teaching technology will be used extensively in the course. All participants should have a University of Michigan email and ifs account, a web browser with Real Audio, and word-processing software, preferrably MSWord. All of this software is available at University computing sites across campus.Students will be asked to participate in a voluntary and anonymous assessment study to measure the effects of technology on the learning experience.


Course Materials:
Required Texts: should be available at Shaman Drum Bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor (313 S. State, 2nd Fl. / 6627407)

1. The History of American Classical Music : MacDowell Through Minimalism. John Warthen Struble with Philip Glass (Introduction) n.p.: Facts on File, 1995; ca. $19.

2. Piano Lessons.Piano Lessons : Music, Love, & True Adventures. Noah Adams ca. $12

3. Music and Imagination. Aaron Copland. ca. $11

4. MHM408-508 Coursepack, includes: syllabus, peer comment forms, readings, questionnaire examples, and example rsums. This pack will be available for copying in the School of Music Library (MPC??) and in the UGLI.

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